Scottish Terrier Grooming Video

We’ve been looking for a Scottie dog grooming video forever, and today one showed up on YouTube. It’s a full 10 minutes long, complete with a Frank Sinatra soundtrack, and features a black dog as well as one of the most brindle Scotties, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has ever seen.

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16 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier Grooming Video

  1. So THAT is the secret! Now, what number of clippers do they use? This was wonderful to watch and she has a great way with the dogs. They really didn’t mind too much at all.

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!!

    Becky and Duhgall

  2. How early can you take your scottie puppy to the groomer? Currently I brush her hair at least twice a day. She just turned 12 weeks this past Friday. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. I waited until my puppy had gotten his last set of vaccinations (for me that was about at 16 weeks). It’s probably rare that any of the dogs at the groomers wouldn’t be vaccinated already, but you never know for sure.

    I can sympathize if your pup is starting to get a bit bushy. My scottie started to look like a black teddy bear by the time I finally took him in for his first grooming. It’s great that you are brushing your pup so frequently since that will make her more compliant when she’s finally being groomed – and that makes the groomer just that much happier to see your scottie. = )

  4. Bridget had her first trip to the groomer’s at about five months — no Scottie cut but all the rest including nails.

    Apparently she was quite unruly. Subsequent visits were much better.


  5. My groomer posted this video of my two scotties. The black one is 4 years old, the brindle is 13 (14 in June). After a long Massachusetts winter they liked getting their ‘Spring cleaning’.
    I was surprised to see how easy-going they seemed. They give me a real hard time when I try to just brush them!

  6. Yes, they did indeed look very well behaved.

    Just out of curiosity, did you know your dogs had become internet stars or did you just stumble across them here by accident?

  7. Dog Lady, I saw your comment on YouTube and googled your site. Glad I found this blog – such great pictures, videos, and information on Scottish Terriers (I’ve had 4 and I worship them as dieties). Thanks.

  8. The older one, Vajdra, is one of the most handsome Scotties I have ever seen. The younger one, while also handsome, looks like a barker. What lucky dogs to live in Marblehead MA or Hawaii.

  9. hi!! im from Mexico. I took my scottie for grooming and the did like a schnauzer im gonna take this video and show it to them.

    my scottie has 5 months old and it was his first haircut… what number of clippers do they use on the top side????

    thx a lot

  10. My Scottie (approx. 2 yrs old – rescue) bit me while combing
    his hair. I had been very gentle with him and when I came
    upon a knot I would hold it or cut it out so as not to pull
    any hairs. Evidently, I must have pulled a hair and he bit me
    (and released) so fast I was shocked! I reacted by telling him
    he was a bad boy but ultimately it was my fault. Later, he
    came up to me and licked me where he bit me, as if to say
    he was sorry. Just be careful when grooming – they are lovable
    but very quick!

  11. I have a 3 year old scottie, I have never seen grooming scottish terrier like those dogs. Is this normal? I mean my scottie looks like as the dogs in the shows, i would never destroy her look with grooming like this….. Im sorry to say this

  12. I have an 8 year old wheat colored Scottie. I took him to a professional groomer when he was 6 months old. It was a very bad experience so, I have been doing his grooming myself ever since. I found that the key is to buy a real grooming table and professional tools. I also break the hair cut up into 2 different days. The first day is bath, blow dry and all or most of the clipping. The second day is all of the scissor work. I give Teddy frequent breaks off the table. It takes me a lot longer then a groomer as I am not a professional. My skills have greatly improved over the years and we get lots of compliments, which never ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately the nail clipping portion still needs to be done by our vet. No can do! With a little patience and good tools anyone can learn to groom their Scottie.

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