Two lucky Scottie puppies visit Becky’s cottage

Black Millicent and wheaten Finnegan, two 10-week old Scottish Terrier puppies, have gone to stay at Sweet Cottage Dreams with Aunt Becky while their fur mom recuperates. Lots of pictures, go check them out.

Be patient, Doogs!

Meanwhile acroos the country, in D.C., another older Scottie gets a different kind of first-class care, as 1218blog recounts:

On my trot past the White House I couldn’t help but to laugh at the tourist trying to stick their arms through the White House iron fence to get the best picture they could. I don’t know why I found this so humorous.

But what I found even more entertaining was the secret service guy walking President Bush’s dog. Not sure if it was Barney or Miss Beazley. They both look a like to me. It was so comical to watch this buff, gun toting, hot guy, walking a cute little Scottish Terrier. And it wasn’t one of the suit wearing secret service guys, it was a swat looking, secret service guy. With the pants with a hundred little pockets for his numerous little guns, and knives, and tasers and his bullet proof vest. I guess only the best for the little terrier. Even I had to pause to take a gander. Not at the dog, at the guy. I wonder who actually picks up the “first poop”.

Probably not the assignment you imagine when deciding to join the Secret Service, but better than guarding the Kremlin cat.

One thought on “Two lucky Scottie puppies visit Becky’s cottage

  1. Good golly, I did not even see this post! Well, scotty update here: Miss Millicent, now known as Maggie Dear, was sold to my sweet friend, Miss Jean. Little Finnegan returned to his home last Saturday – much to my dismay, to say the least. That little guy just stole my heart! Doogs was patient, but he showed his pearly whites every now and then. Aroos were being spoken quite a bit, too.

    Becky and Doogs

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