Vigilante dog group spies on Scottish Terrier

It calls itself the Committee for Responsible Dog Ownership, but its purpose appears to be far more Orwellian — spying on unleashed dogs. Today’s “loose dog report” came from the Prospect Park area:

8:28–1 Scottish terrier, headed down path from Wellhouse Drive to west side of Lullwater, and north on that path.

8:40–1 on shore below Lullwater bridge; owner had other dog on leash

8:45–1, boat house

All owners were Caucasian. Other park patrons at that hour were not.

You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

Update: Check out Stuff White People Like: Terriers

12 thoughts on “Vigilante dog group spies on Scottish Terrier

  1. I was a bit scared to comment on their site, in case I got accused of being Caucasian, and hence not knowing what I was talking about, but really, I mean this person(s) really need to go and get a life!

  2. Agreed that this is a bit strange. But do agree that dogs need to be kept on leash unless in designated area. One of my fears is that a large unleashed dog would rouse the hot temperant of my scottie, who would in turn incite the larger dog to a fight that I cannot control. This is why I don’t take my scottie to dog parks but obviously can’t help if we came aross another unleashed dog during our daily walks. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

  3. Great, thanks for the attention. Look forward to seeing the post and will continue to enjoy the site daily as I have always done.

  4. The purpose of CREDO’s activities that you characterize as to “spy on unleashed dogs” is to show that many dog owners, having been granted the extraordinary legal right to run their dogs in all of the park’s open space at the most desirable time of day to take a quiet walk in the park, have unilaterally decided that they have the right to run their dogs in the rest of the park and at all other times as well. A bit selfish, don’t you think? CREDO hopes that by recording this illegal conduct on a website, either the perpetrators will be embarrassed into stopping or the police will get the idea and issue summonses.

    CREDO’s recording the skin color of off-leash dog owners, particularly those who break the law, is designed to demonstrate that the off-leash program is designed to benefit privileged white folk at the expense of everyone else. We suspect that the liberal Park Slope types who have pushed off-leash all along would recoil at the thought of being called racists, but we hope that when the facts are in, others will draw their own conclusions.

    For the record, (1) CREDO thinks Scottish terriers are cute and (2) CREDO is not into calling names,and its website is open to respectful discussion on the issues it raises.

  5. CREDO pretends to be a Committee for Responsible Dog Owners but it is neither a committee nor made-up of dog owners.

    1. It is run solely by Orrin Tilivitz, an elderly attorney who lives south of Prospect Park. He was an outspoken opponent of the City’s Off-Leash policies and entirely unreasonable in his commentaries.

    2. He is not a dog owner and there is no Committee. It is his personal, daily diatribe against dog owners.

    3. He is a birder which DOES speak well of him as he has appreciation for some non-humans. But when FIDO in Prospect Park and other dog groups approached birders asking them to join the dog owner groups in educating dog owners about the importance of protecting flora and fauna, he did not bother responding positively.

    CREDO is attempting to instigate a racial divide with his posts. The fact is, off-leash works well in all communiites.

    He happens to walk Prospect and occasionally Central. Both parks are populated by middle class dog owners. It is a sad commentary that more middle class people happen to be caucasian. Perhaps Orrin should work towards economic equality instead of his pathetic attempt to challenge the successful off-leash policy in NYC.

  6. Tilevitz and his buddies Jett and the JPCA executive board had their asses handed to them when they tried to throw the baby out with the bath water and tried to outlaw the Off-leash Hours policy.

    They failed miserably! In fact, the 2006 lawsuit only strenghtend the policy and rallied the entire city, including the State Supreme Court, the Health Department, the Parks Department and tens of thousands of New Yorkers to stand up to the dog haters. Talk about a backfire! Ouch. Tilevitz is still licking those wounds.

    But since this is still sort of a free country, he gets to whine all he wants. And we get to make fun of a cantakerous curmedgeon with way too much time on his hands and with a lot of keyboard courage.

    Keep it up Tile baby!

    BTW, it appears that Tilevitz is still Caucasian. I’ve been doing a study that all the curmudgeons who have a problem with the Off-leash Hours policy are of that pursuasion. It’s obviously racism. You can read my blog. 😉

  7. Thank you for all that information.

    I checked out CREDO myself and was appalled by its actions.

    To racialize an issue like dog leashing is simply inexcusable in every way.

  8. Unfortunately Orrin and his ilk, who represent a radical fringe minority of the NYC birder population tend to repeat the same tired canards over and over hoping that some of the mud they sling will stick. Though all of these tired canards have failed them repeatedly in the past.

    But you know the definition of an irrational person–trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    Orrin’s clearly on a personal Jihad. His desire to bring race into the issue is vile and insulting to the people of all races who use the parks every day during Off-leash Hours and to all citizens of NYC who all enjoy the parks and equal protection under the law.

    As long as Orrin tries this tactic, he’ll repeatedly fail and continue to seem like a crackpot sitting in his underwear typing into his blog.

    Orrin clearly has a hard-on against those Left-wing liberal Park Slope people. Too bad Orrin. Keep up the insanity and racism. You continue to descredit yourself.

  9. Bing, glad to see this question arise. Murphy goes nuts when he sees a dog, cat, or any animal (even cartoons) on TV. When we walk him he gets very excited and barks at any other dog/cat he sees, if another dog approaches him he goes viral. However we have taken him to a few Scottie meets and he is a perfect gentleman. He also barks at people walking, but when strangers come into our home, he barks until then are inside the home and then retreats to a safe distance. I had a trainer tell me is not aggressive but wants to sniff them, I would like to believe that but can’t trust it. He is good around children.

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