What sort of dog looks like a giant Scottish Terrier?

Because the Scottie News gets asked this question fairly regularly, we’re proposing some answers:

A Giant Schnauzer, perhaps?

Or maybe a Black Russian Terrier, a breed we discovered for the first time last week when we asked the owner: “Is that a Giant Schnauzer?” According to Wikipedia, the BRT (not to be confused with the far better known BLT) “is a breed of dog developed originally as a guard dog and police dog. It is rare outside its native country and is just starting to be recognized elsewhere; for example, it is one of the AKC’s most-recently recognized breeds, gaining full status in July of 2004.”

If ever there were a terrier, manful enough for Scottie-dissing, former KGB agent Vladimir Putin, this sure looks like it would be the one. If we were Koni, we’d be more than a little careful.

6 thoughts on “What sort of dog looks like a giant Scottish Terrier?

  1. The Black Russian was bred in part by the Red Star Kennels, an army-controlled Soviet kennel dedicated to developing special-duty breeds for work. The BRT is a working dog, but NOT a terrier. There are a few breeders in the US now. They are a wonderful dog but an extremely strong dog — both mentally and physically. Southern California Giant Schnauzer Rescue has assisted with rescuing several BRTs when people called us thinking they were really Giants. If you saw them side-by-side you would see the differences — although I believe the GS was one of the breeds used to create the BRT. http://www.socalgiantschnauzerrescue.org

  2. i used to have a giant schnauzer and two scotties. the most common question asked on the street was of course if the small ones are the babies of the big one :).

  3. LOL – Yep we saw a Giant Schnauzer at PetSmart when Mushie was a puppy. It was hilarious to see then together!

  4. A Bouvier des Flandres can look look a giant Scottie if it’s face is cut like a Scottie’s They are much calmer, not wanting to deal with my feisty little Scottie. In fact the bouv’s owner asked me to leave his dog alone. Kaedie and Abigael we not impressed.

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