Wheaten Scottish Terrier wanted

A reader writes:


We lost our two black Scotties last year at 15 & 16 years of age. We need another Scottie in our lives but cannot bring ourselves to buy another black one.

We are having a great deal of trouble finding a wheaten Scottie (preferably female). There seem to be more in the States but we don’t feel the trauma of shipping would be fair to a pup.

We live in Halifax, NS, are semi retired and go to Florida every winter for 3 months. We are sad without a furry friend. Can you help us?

Kind regards,

Hmm, I know there’s a Wheaten breeder near Kingston, but don’t know anything else about them and that’s still a long way from Halifax.

Readers, anyone have any tips?
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7 thoughts on “Wheaten Scottish Terrier wanted

  1. If they are still interested in a wheaten scotty…my friend’s black scotty just had 4 wheatens! They live in Lakeland FL. She has 3 females and 1 male. I can’t wait to go see them.

  2. Also if you get on the AKC website, and go to classified and find the breed & state you want, you will find more breeders with AKC pups. Darlene in Calif.

  3. The only breeder east of Ottawa that I know is Jeanette Guest who owns Guesthouse kennels just outside Liverpool NS and she has a wonderful wheaten Scottie bitch. I dont know if she has immediate plans to breed her to another Wheaten but I have a brindle pup from her last litter with wheaten undertones and the sweetest personality of any Scottie Ive had! Sorry you lost your Scotties; they are true members of the family and I probably admired them as any rare Scottie about town grabs my eye. I was ten years between Scotties because that loss of the last was so painful; now I wish I hadnt waited so long! You can reach her through Carnegy Animal Hospital in Halifax.

  4. I bought my wheaten Scottish terrier male pup from Northwind terriers in Sparrowbush NY. He is absolutely perfect. I get so many comments on what a beautiful scottie he is. He is very high energy being just 2 years old now, but we adore him!

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