Are wheaten Scottish Terriers the new black?

Scottie, originally uploaded by linda yvonne.

The Scottie Dog News has had another request for information on where to get a wheaten Scottish Terrier, this time from a reader in Northern Ireland, who writes:

I noticed that you had a post a few days ago from someone in Canada looking for a Wheaten Scottie. We too are looking for one, but we’re in Northern Ireland – Wheaten Scotties seem to be rarer than hen’s teeth over on this side of the Atlantic pond. So, I was hoping you could ask your learned readers if they know of any Wheaten Scottie breeders in Ireland or Great Britain, heck, we’d even go to Europe to get one. Unfortunately travelling to the US/Canada is out, due to the requirement for a 6 month quarantine period.

Hmmm, in our in-depth research on Scotties around the world, we seem to spot a fair number of wheaten or white Scottish Terriers in Germany and France.
Elevage du Beffroi Mac Dermotte (scroll down) appears to have wheaten Scots along with westies, Sealyhams and Czech terriers. And Arabella’s Scottish Terriers in Germany, which has raised many a champion, definitely breeds Wheaten Scotties. And perhaps a well brought-up Deutscher dog would help set a good example for Maggie and Seány, shown below and described by their owner as “two highly disobedient, messy and destructive Scotties.” Ordnung, bitte!
European wheaten experts, comment away. For all our posts on “white Scotties” click on the wheaten label directly below.

4 thoughts on “Are wheaten Scottish Terriers the new black?

  1. I don’t know about wheaten being the new black, but they sure did outnumber the black Scotties in the Tartan Day parade video!

  2. Those “wheaten” Scotties in the Tartan Day parade were West Highland Terriers, not Scottish Terriers. The heads on the Westies are much rounder than that of the Scotties.

  3. I have both a black-brindle and a wheaten. I love them both. Up until about a year ago though, they were still kind of a rarity with outrageous prices. Now a person can get a pet quality Wheaten in the US for about the same price as a black or black-brindle. I have had 3 Scotties now two who were brindles along with my Wheaten. The brindles can be far prettier depending on the coloration of their “stripes” than a wheaten. The prettiest I have seen had both golden and silver stripes when she was groomed.

    Not that it matters what color they are… I personally love their personalities.

  4. I know it’s a bit of a hike, but there are a number of Wheatons in Australia, and they certainly are gorgeous.

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