Black Dog Syndrome hurts big breeds more

The Scottie News has reported before on how black dogs have a harder time finding a home than fair-furred canines, but now the Associated Press is adding a lot more details to the story. Not so surpringly, the problem is worst for bigger black dogs, AP reports.

It’s not just that large dogs can be frightening: Animal shelters say black dogs of all sizes are difficult to photograph for online listings, and are hard to spot against the shadows of their crates and cages in dimly lighted kennels.

Older black dogs with a little white in their muzzles can look elderly. Bigger breeds like German shepherds or Chows aren’t as fashionable as small, cuddly lap dogs.

Then there’s the reputation. The idea of a big, black dog unleashing destruction is a common theme in books, movies and folklore as diverse as “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” the “Harry Potter” series and “The Omen.”

Even the common sign “Beware of Dog” depicts a big, black dog, teeth bared and gums dripping. The notion that the animals are menacing is so pervasive that Winston Churchill famously called depression “the black dog.”

Read more on Black Dog Syndrome, including inspirational rescue tales and less serious reasons to adopt a black dog at To get you started how about the fact that black goes with everything and is easy to accessorize? Maybe, suggests the AP, black dog will be the new black.

Update: Moira at Dog Art Today has a post on Los Angeles photographer Grace Chon who puts her artistic talents to use to help black shelter dogs find good homes.

2 thoughts on “Black Dog Syndrome hurts big breeds more

  1. I had no idea!! I know I look a little old around the edges with my white hairs around my eyes, but really, who knew?? Thanks for this bit of information.

    Personally, I think black dogs are sleek, elegant and oh-so-stylish. I’m just saying…

    Roo Roo, Stuart

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