Couple appear in court over Scottie’s death

The West Midlands Express and Star reports on the court appearances of the couple alleged to have thrown a Scottish Terrier off a fifth floor balcony.

Alexander Spence, aged 60, and Sheena Spence, 61, from Wyndmill Crescent, Charlemont Farm, West Bromwich, were both charged with causing unnecessary suffering to Laddie, a Scottish terrier.

The coupled face three charges of failing to take reasonable steps to care for the animal, and two counts of causing unnecessary suffering. Sheena Spence pleaded guilty at West Bromwich Magistrates Court today, but the basis of the guilty plea is yet to be put before the court.

Alexander Spence pleaded not guilty to all three charges and will face trial.

The owner of the dog was an elderly lady who Mrs Spence worked for.

Their case has now been adjourned to May 14 for a trial date to be fixed.

2 thoughts on “Couple appear in court over Scottie’s death

  1. There’s no punishment bad enough for these evil people. I have a six year old scottie and I know that if she ever nipped me I wouldn’t have to beat her to make her let go of me. They deserve to go to prison for this, I am disgusted by these sick, vicious excuses for human beings.

  2. I agree whole heartedly – there is never an excuse for mistreating an animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The right amount of punishment is never handed out either which is even more demeaning!!!

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