Do dogs go to heaven?

Given Pope Benedict’s visit to the US, now seems as good a time as any to explore this question. Take it away, Father Joe.

And BTW, any idea on who the Cardinal that keeps a dog in the Vatican is? The Scottish Terrier and Dog News could really use the scoop.

One thought on “Do dogs go to heaven?

  1. Of COURSE they go to Heaven. What a silly idea that they wouldn’t!

    There are many books on the topic, the BEST being
    “WILL I SEE FIDO IN HEAVEN?” by Mary Price-Buddenmeyer is the best written, although there are several who have the same Scriptural references as proofs that God the Creator intended that these companions should be with Him, and us, in Heaven.

    The Pope may not think so and some protestant denominations absolutely shudder at the concept, if you read the Scriptures, it’s clear: they will be with us in Heaven. Jesus told us that in our Father’s house there are many mansions… I just hope for a room with a doggy door.

    I don’t see that what mankind or any human would say or what pronouncments some leader would make would alter God’s plan to include them in His Heaven. Unconditional love and loyalty are divine qualities.

    I also believe that anyone who experiences a truly loving relationship experiences the presence of God. I do not believe for one second that God placed such creatures as our dog on earth as “throwaway” creatures who simply cease to exist when they fulfill their purpose and then die. All of creation is part of God’s divine plan and all of creation will be redeemed in Christ Jesus.

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