Doggie treat: Cheeseburger flavoured water

Just one problem, though, Meat Water is being marketed for protein-deprived humans — unless it’s a hoax. What makes the Scottish Terrier and Dog News‘ crack investigative team suspicious is the escargot flavour. According to the press release:

Liquid Innovations, producer of MeatWater™ High Efficiency Survival Beverage, announced their new flavor, Escargots Chantecleer. The new flavor will launch in an effort to raise awareness of World Water Day, with proceeds from the sale of the new flavor to be donated to water charities worldwide.

Fast on the heels of the successful European launch of MeatWater™ at the Fusion 5 Festival in Cannes, France, Liquid Innovations is introducing their newest flavor, “Escargots Chantecleer.” Escargots Chantecleer has been designed specifically for the French market, and will be introduced as a luxury survival beverage. The bottler plans to produce the product in France initially with a global rollout scheduled before the end of summer.

Those poor little French doggies. Let’s hope that they get the other Meat Water flavours too. I’m sure they’d enjoy a little Wiener Schnitzel and Texas BBQ too.