Famous Scottie Friday: White House goings-on

First Dogs by Soleil1016 on Flickr

Just as Campaign 2008 (read all the Scottie Newsdog-related election coverage) really got going in January, news on the the White House Scottish Terriers, Barney and Miss Beazley, slowed to a dead halt. There haven’t been any new postings on the first dog’s home page since late last year.

But no need to worry — President Bush’ Scotties were spotted alive and well in Washington last week. Maybe they’re keeping a low profile to avoid conflict of interest situations during the campaign. Or maybe they’re just sad to be leaving the White House, which looks like a pretty good place to be a dog.

One thought on “Famous Scottie Friday: White House goings-on

  1. I watched the Westminster dog show. The announcer said there have been 3 presidfnts with Scotties. We know FDR and the Bushes who is the other?

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