Keep your Scotties safe from pet crime wave

The American Kennel Club is warning pet owners and breeders about an alarming rise in dog thefts in recent months. From parking lots to pet stores and even backyards, more dogs are disappearing. In the first three months of 2008, the AKC has tracked more than 30 thefts from news and customer reports, versus only ten for all twelve months of 2007.

Media reports have chronicled the escalation of these “dog-nappings” from all around the country. Incidents have included armed robbers entering a breeder’s home, tiny puppies being stuffed into purses at pet stores and most recently, purebred pets being snatched from cars in parking lots and even shelters.

The AKC has tips on how to keep your pets safe.

One thought on “Keep your Scotties safe from pet crime wave

  1. I was at the vets getting my Wallace neutered when a man was reunited (after three weeks) with his two mastifs. He had thankfully had them microchipped. He kept them both indoors and one day he came home any they weren’t there. They were found fourty miles away from were he lives. He was crying and laughing and they were smiling and trying to knock him over. The women who found them said they were running wild with chewed ropes around their necks with no collars and they were filthy. The man who owned them said when he last saw them they both had identification collars on, so whoever took them must have removed them. I cannot believe this is going on. But I was so happy to see those dogs reunited with their owner.

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