The mystery of Dako the ScottishTerrier

Late last week the Times of London, reporting on the upcoming London Marathon, delved into the archives and reported on Olympic marathon that took place in England’s capital a century ago. It cited a 1908 newspaper report that read:

The actual starting point for today’s race is just below the East Terrace, Windsor Castle, near the bronze figure of Dako (Queen Victoria’s favourite dog, a Scottish terrier) who was buried there.

Well, count the Scottie News puzzled. Although we’ve read reports that Queen Victoria had a Scottish Terrier, we’ve never been able to confirm that it was a true Scottie and not another kind of terrier. And we had never heard of this Dako either. What’s more, a few rounds of Googling didn’t leave us any the wiser. In fact, it left us more confused, turning up, as it did, reports of another favourite dog called Islay whose breed was not mentioned.

Do any of the learned readers of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News know anything more about this mysterious Dako and Islay, his canine rival for the monarch’s affections?

Update: Here’s a new book on the British Royal Family and their dogs. Lots of info. on Queen Victoria’s Pomeranians but no mention of Dako although the queen’s grandson is said to have owned a “Scotch” terrier. The hunt continues.