Pope Benedict is a cat person

The Pope’s visit to the U.S. prompted the Scottie News to do a little digging on the holy father’s relationship to dogs. This MSNBC report from 2005 revealed that Pope Benedict is “the proud owner of Chico, a black-and-white domestic short hair that lives at the pope’s home in the Bavarian town of Tübingen, Germany.” As far as the Scottish Terrier and Dog News can tell, he’s never had a dog.

Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, told MSNBC he believes cats are perfect pets for clergymen “because they are wonderful companions. There is almost a spirituality about them. Their presence is very soothing.”

MSNBC also lists some previous popes’ pets:

Pope Leo XII had a dog and a cat. Pope Pius XII kept caged birds in the papal apartment and a goldfish named Gretchen. Pope Paul VI is said to have once dressed his cat in a feline version of cardinal robes.

But currently, Pope Benedict XVI must abide by the rule against pets in Vatican apartments “although one cardinal has a dog and everyone in Rome knows it,” says Mahony.

Name that dog-owning Cardinal and help the Scottish Terrier and Dog News get a scoop!