Scottie News’ Bridget needs her spring haircut

Where does your Scottish Terrier get groomed?

Here is Bridget, inspiration for the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, with her Basset Hound buddy, Pepe. All that snow from two weeks ago is finally gone but Bridget still has her fur coat, which needs to come off now that spring has really and truly arrived.

So, since there is a lot of interest in grooming Scottish Terriers among readers, we are going to take this opportunity to ask you where you get your Scottie groomed.

Bridget usually goes to Le Pitou Propre in Montreal, where they have two Westies of their own and have made terrier grooming something of a specialty.

Update: Yeah to the Yanks. You’ve really come through and named your groomers from east to west and in-between. Keep ’em coming please and, when we’re done, the Scottie News will publish a complete list of readers’ favourite groomers and maybe even nominate the stars for next season’s Groomer Has It — if there is a next season.

International readers, we need your groomers too, as the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has an extremely cosmopolitan global readership.

Toronto, come on, and Vancouver, we know you’re out there. Canada is the number two country for Scottie News readers so step up to the plate please.

And Russia, yes, despite your Scottie-dissing, rythmic gymnast-fancying president, we know you’ve got some first-class groomers so let’s hear about them.

Singapore, do you DIY or is there a Scottie specialist in the island state?

Don’t hold back everyone, when we’re finished here, we’ll have the most complete list of Scottish Terrier groomers worldwide. You’ll be able to take your Scottie dog anywhere and know you can find the best haircut in town.

To read more on Scottie dog haircuts and Scottish Terrier grooming, click on the grooming label directly below.

72 thoughts on “Scottie News’ Bridget needs her spring haircut

  1. I take my Scottish Terrier (Angus) and my Westie (Ozzie) to the best groomer in Pittsburgh, PA — The Pet Stop.

  2. In Los Angeles, I take our dog to Lucky Dog in West LA near Cotner and Pico. Only place I’ve found that gets the scottie look just right.

  3. Brigadoon, a part-time Pittsburgh Scottish Terrier, but with a little bit more inventive name than the CMU mascot on its way to Pittsburgh is scheduled for his spring haircut and bath at The Pet Salon Friday. As he spent a lot of time playing with his Great Dane friend and rolling in dead things in the grass this weekend- this is a much-anticipated event. I find it very funny that there are at least two followers of the Scottish Terrier News in Pittsburgh! I have not heard of The Pet Stop, but I will look it up. Tomorrow night is a Pups at PNC Park event where you can take your dog to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play baseball. Not sure what that has to do with anything- just marveling at all these dog events with a nexus in Pittsburgh, I guess!

  4. I clip my own Scottie (Clara) as I have heard so many Scottie clipping horror stories, usually they come out looking like westies, as Scotties aren’t that common here and the groomers have no idea. Not a lot of help (sorry), but I happy to help other Melbournians if they want any advise.

  5. The Pet Stop is located on Route 88 (aka Library Road) between Route 51 and Grove Road, in the South Hills. Susi is the owner and, as far as I’m concerned, the best (she’s also my sister-in-law, not that it makes any difference!).

  6. MacKenzie goes to Second Tub Dog Wash. They do a perfect Scottie cut. We get the full *spa* treatment-bath, cut, nails, hair between toes, and a tartan kerchief-for a very reasonable price and they LOVE their jobs and the dogs!

    They’re in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

  7. In San Diego’s East County: SU-ET’S Kennels & Grooming-Scottish Terriers, their specialty is Terriers

  8. I take my three Scottish Terriers to High Stone Lodge in Dallas on Harry Hines Blvd. Rick is the head groomer and a scottie breeder who has had a number of champions. He does an excellent job.

  9. If in Japan, Shibuya-Ku Tokyo, there is a wonderful teaching college that does an excellent job. Yamazaki College will do pick-ups and delivery and is very reasonable.
    “D” Harper – Montana, USA

  10. My “Angus” is 7 months old. Has had puppy trim twice at pet store. Just the feet, pads, eyes and rear were done. Now ready for a true hair cut. Need someone in western suburbs of Detroit, Michigan or east of Lansing Michigan.

  11. Hi, My name is Rachel and I have my groom shop in Concord,CA. That is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in terriers. I own two Scotties and a Sealyham terrier. I too have delt with horror stories in regards to Scotties. If you would like to give me a try you may call me at (925) 521-1120. Let me know you saw me on this web site. Hope to hear from you.

  12. I just groom them myself! It’s really not that hard once you have the right equipment (professional clipper and shears). Don’t be afraid to try it – find a Scottie grooming guide and just follow it. Once you get into the swing of things you can just groom as/when needed.

  13. If in Chicago, Doggy Dooz pet styling is the place to go.
    They do a GREAT job.
    I take my Scottie there to Billy Rafferty, (The owner). He is an award winning Master groomer and grooming show Judge.
    Nice guy too.
    He grooms Oprah’s dogs.

  14. HI
    Any Scottie Groomers in Toronto?
    Have had little luck so far..bad cut after bad cut.
    Any help would be great!

  15. I'm looking for a Winnipeg groomer for my Scoodles. (Scottish Terrier/Poodle crosses) I want them groomed like a Scottie, not a poodle so I would like to take them to someone who specialize in Scotties so there will be no mistakes.

  16. In Toronto, the Scottie News recommends the Queen Street East branch of Timmie Dog Outfitters.

    416 406 4999

    I'll get back to you with the name of the specific groomer.

  17. If in Houston, Texas I recommend Happy Tails Dog Spa for grooming. I take my Scottie, Molly there and they do a fantastic job!

  18. I groom both of my scots myself. They would come back whip-tailed, with a schnauzer cut, you name it. I bit the bullet & bought the clippers and found a good website to guide me through it. They look just how I want them to look so I'm quite happy. If only I could learn how to use a stripping knife.

  19. I have 4 Scotties, I clipper one and hand strip the coats of the other 3…they are show dogs and that is required by the breed standard. That is the best way to get your Scottie looking really great.

  20. We are new to the area and looking for a groomer around Northeast Philadelphia for our Scottish Terrier "Maggie", recommendations would be much appreciated!

  21. When I lived in Phoenix, AZ I used Rena at Arizona Pet Resort in Tempe, AZ. You can google the business name and find the listing. Rena is a master groomer and made my 3 year old Scottie (Eleanor) look like a show quality dog.

    I've recently relocated to Dallas and I'm actually about to attempt to groom Eleanor at home because I haven't found a groomer I trust yet. I hate when groomers make her look like a Schnauzer so I'm going to take a stab at it myself.

    Just found your blog and I love it!

  22. I take my 2 Scotties to Bob Kerr in Freelton, Ontario (between Hamilton and a Guelph). He does a wonderful job. Since he is a registered breeder of champion Scotties, he knows how they're supposed to look. His kennel is called Glenroslin and his contact information can be found online.

  23. I am still looking for a Scottish Terrier groomer close to Northeast Philadelphia.
    Any help would be much appreciated!

  24. "Dogs Gone Wild" Pet Salon in Lucedale, MS. is where I take my Scottie, Fiona. No other place will do. the address is 21 Howard St., Lucedale, MS

  25. My dog Jimmy goes to Geoff Dawson of Blackstone Kennels in Lincoln, Rhode Island — a ridiculously long round-trip drive for a Scottie grooming if you live in Manhattan. (About 8 hours if the traffic is not too bad.) It is worth it. Geoff is a master groomer and AKC professional dog handler who grooms and shows many of the top terriers in the show world. He hand strips each hair, doesn't cause pain or agitation to the dog, and my dog absolutely LOVES him. The end result is showstopping, pardon the pun. Your dog makes Sadie look like chopped liver when Geoff grooms her. My other Scottie. whose show days are behind her, goes to a commercial groomer in Greenwich Village. And you know what? Geoff Dawson's grooming, which is some of the best in the country, costs less than half the Village pet groomer! That's how ridiculous prices are in Manhattan.

  26. We live in Center City (downtown) Philadelphia. Our Scot boys, Riley and Bailey, have both gone to the Main Line Pet Spa in Ardmore, right outside the city, for years.

  27. I had posted last night without a Gmail account as anonymous. I registered for an account so I can post with my name. I take my Scottie, Fiona, to "Dogs Gone Wild" Pet Salon in Lucedale, MS. It is my niece's shop, but she has been grooming for almost 13 years. Fiona is only 5-1/2 months old, but she loves her groomer. The shop is at 21 Howard St., Lucedale, Ms.

  28. Eli goes to Heather Miller at "Just For Pets" at the corner of Bull and Canal Roads near Dover, PA. We took our Westie (Duffy) and other Scottie (Mac) to her for years and she really knows how to groom both. We highly recommend her expertise!

  29. Rudy, my Scottie, has been going to Karen at Groomingdale's in Tucson, Arizona. Scotties need to be clipped short here if they are walking in the desert, because they can pick up lots of stickers. He meets up with several of his Scottie girlfriends there!

  30. After some horrible experiences with my Scottie puppy Harry (most notably, when he was shaved down the middle of the back with giant tufts on the side, so he looked like he'd been run over by a truck), I found Ayran Athey in Logan Circle in Washington, D.C. I had him shave Harry for the summer, but he very smartly left (nicely-trimmed) eyebrows and beard (when I explained my earlier issues, he said he had to fix lots of situations where inexperienced groomers gave Scotties "wings"). Though the location is a little intimidating (basement of a rowhouse), he seemed nice, very reasonably priced, and really did a superb job on the ears, eyebrows, and beard.

  31. Springfield Oregon "Best In Show Grooming". Both my lad get thier haircut there. Tish does a great job and the boys love her.

  32. We groom our Scottie (Mamushka, nickname Mushie) at Animal Hospital Inc in Willoughby Ohio. They are a full service vet, boarding, training and grooming facility. Our groomer’s name is Cheryl and she’s done a wonderful job with Mushie over the past 3 years. Mushie has an appointment tomorrow so I’ll take before and after pictures! Here is the link the site:

    We love the facility and the vets and staff. Everyone is great. I feel like they love Mushie just as much as we do!

  33. Anyone in the Southern NH/MA border know of a good scottie groomer? I have 2. Duffy (9) and Fitzie 6 mos. My groomer has been in business fo 30 years. I love him but he doesn’t know how to do scotties. I am thinking of bringing him a tutorial I found on the web. But don’t want to hurt his feelings.

  34. We take Murry and Mctavish to Suet’s Kennels in Santee Ca. This is south of the city of San Diego but worth the drive. She also shows Scotties and is a responsible breeder too!!

  35. My Scottie Bogie hates to go to the groomer, fights them all the way, and he has been sent home because they couldn’t handle him. He was on a tranquilizer from the vet…didn’t work. But, there is one groomer that is really great with Bogie. Tia is her name, She is in Kirkland Washington, Tia’s Pet Spa.
    Two days before I took her to a groomer closer to home, and she cut off Bogie’s Scotty eyebrows, and made his rear end look like a I don’t know what!!! Scotty’s eyebrows don’t just grow back…takes years. The woman didn’t know how to do Breed Grooming, and a lot of them don’t, now that I know better. She actually told me he needed to be put to sleep to be groomed. Bogie is groomed beautifully now by Tia. I hope this info helps, so I hope you’ll sleep well by asking the groomers if they actually know how to do the this case Scotties.

    1. Glad to hear Bogie found his perfect match of a groomer. A dog named Bogie deserves to look good.

  36. Thanks, and Bogie is acatually a little BOY…not a “her” as I wrote. A very proud little guy.

  37. Try Wendy’s Pampered Pets in Columbus. I’ve been taking 1st my Westie and now my 2 Scotties. Have been going there for 23 yrs.

  38. I have a groomer in Wasilla, AK, Diana’s Dog Grooming. She is a really great scottie groomer, and I like that I can see what’s going on. I also had a groomer at my other home in Mesquite, NV, Desert Dog Day Spa. I have never been able to see the owner, but the gal that works out front helps groom my scottie. I found a neighbor that grooms and my scottie seems happy, so I’m happy. Plus I don’t have to wonder if my baby is getting treated ok.

  39. I use Aimee’s Bark Avenue Mobile Grooming, she is a true Scottie admirer and currently has 2 rescue Scottie’s. She is by far the best groomer I have found to groom my scottie and from what I hear she grooms several scotties in the Anne Arundel County area of Maryland. She’s also mobile!

    1. live in durham nc we have a 5 month old female named mz riley . hopefully we are rescuing a 6 yr old named lexie this week . i hope i can lean how to trim them but i need a groomer in our area ,hope someone can help

  40. In Winnipeg, I take my scotties to Courtney at Petcetera on Ellice. She does a great job and is happy to deal with the… um… stubbornness 🙂

  41. I’m looking for a groomer for my scottie. He is a rescue and had a bad skin infection that made him scratch so badly he lost a lot of hair. It is now growing back in and before it gets too warm I want to find a good groomer. We live in Kennesaw, a suburb of Atlanta. Would really appreciate any help.

  42. Looking for a compassionate & dedicated Groomer for my Scottie, Bridoon, in Seattle Washington. Any leads will be greatly appreciated!

  43. Anyone have a good “Scottie” groomer in the Newmarket Ontario area they can recommend? I have seen Mississauga and Guelph mentioned but that is too far away for me.

    I love this News Letter btw!


  44. I am looking for a Scottie groomer for Duncan in San Francisco, 94115.
    Our phone is 4159311591. Susan Hastings. Thank you.

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