Just hold on! Scottie News is on its way


don’t bother me!, originally uploaded by fly51fly.

We’ll be there soon with all the latest Scottish Terrier and dog news.

Update: Look what just showed up in the Scottie News mailbox. It’s available on Ebay.

9 thoughts on “Just hold on! Scottie News is on its way

  1. Are there a lot of male scotties out there that lift their leg to pee? I have a scottie 10 months and he still lowers himself to the ground. Not that I mind, but I was just wondering.

  2. I have a male scottie who turned a year old in Feb. 2008. He just started doing the lifting of his leg around the 10-11 month. I noticed it particularly when our same age female scottie starting coming into heat.

  3. I have a male Scottie who does both — squatting and lifting his leg — to pee. I guess it depends on what kind of mood he’s in…

  4. My scottie started lifting his leg around 10-12 months. He also lifts his leg to pooh too! Does anyone elses do this?

  5. wow that’s funny to hear the experience of other scottie owners. Another question popped up about people’s experiences with owning two male scotties.

    We’ve been thinking about getting another have been told by a few people/owners that we should get a female instead of two males bc they will become competitive and be more likely to fight. Just curious of others experiences. Our current male scottie is just so relaxed and submissive that I have a hard time believing it would be a problem.

  6. My male scottie pees like he’s doing a low push-up to the ground and he squats when he poos.

  7. Just having a finger or two of Chivas on a Saturday night and decided to check out one of my favourite websites.

    Oh dear oh dear.

    It wold never occur to me to dscribe my Ramses’ intimate functions on the internet.

    As my daughter, a truly lovely lassie, would say, “TMI.”

    Too Much Information.

  8. Lighten up, dour Scotsman.

    Exactly when male dogs start to lift their legs is a much-discussed topic not only here but in dog parks everywhere.

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