Scottish Terrier News Mailbag

We received an e-mail from recently from a stage mom to a Scottie dog. But the twist on this story is that along with being a mother with acting ambitions for Millie the Scottish Terrier, our correspondent is also an air force colonel. So folks, the Scottie News is just following orders by printing this photo of Millie who’s is member of the casting company Le Paws in Hollywood CA and who, according to her mom, is very smart and waiting to star in films. The problem is the family’s posted on the east coast until November where the only work Millie can get is calendars and, at six years old, she’s not getting at any younger.

Speaking of the air force and Scotties,we also had a query this week from someone looking for a photo of Stuka, the dog who was mascot to the Memphis Belle crew, but I couldn’t find one. While I thought I had seen one over at McVan’s scotties, that site — which had a great page on famous Scottish Terriers — is now defunct. If anyone knows what’s happened, Scottie News would love to know. In the mean time, you’ll have to make do with this movie picture. It looks to me like the guyon the left is holding a black dog but I can’t make out whether it’s even a dog let alone a genuine Scottish Terrier.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier News Mailbag

  1. Oh dear, that is indeed a Westie in the middle that I completely overlooked. And that black thing on the left is definitely not a dog.

    Not only must the Scottie News now investigate this shameful casting of a Westie, it looks like we have to stop drinking and blogging on a Friday night!

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