Scottish terrier owner bites pitbull

An alert reader of the Scottie News had just read our report on a Minneapolis woman who bit a pitbull to defend her own dog, when she stumbled across this very similar story involving a Scottish Terrier owner in Florida a few years back.

In June 2001, the St. Petersburg Times reported:

TALLAHASSEE — Just how much do you love the dog or cat that lives in your house?

Enough to jump into a dogfight and bite somebody else’s pit bull?

That’s what Margaret Hargrove, a 73-year-old Tallahassee woman, did last week when a neighbor’s pit bullterrier jumped on her 9-month-old Scottish terrier, Alex. What happened next made Mrs. Hargrove an international celebrity.

Mrs. Hargrove was out for her nightly walk on Harriett Drive with Alex on the other end of a leash when a pit bull named Holly dashed out of a nearby yard.

Before she knew it, Holly had Alex’s head in her mouth and was clamping down.

Undaunted by the attack, Mrs. Hargrove tried to pry Holly’s jaws apart, but couldn’t budge her toothhold on Alex’s head.

With both hands on the dog’s jaws and no other weapon at hand, Mrs. Hargrove leaned over and bit Holly on the nape of her neck — twice.

Holly squealed and backed off for a minute, but came right back after Alex and Mrs. Hargrove.

Talk about history repeating itself. You can read the whole story by following the link above. Shorter version: Stitched up dog and owner went on to become media celebs in that pre-9/11 shark attack summer.