Solidarity with Tibetans and their terriers

Technically the Tibetan Terrier is not a terrier, but it does hail from Tibet and recent DNA analysis has concluded that it is one of the most ancient dog breeds.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News hopes that one day all Tibetans will enjoy the freedom of Kimba the dog in the photo.

One thought on “Solidarity with Tibetans and their terriers

  1. I don’t understand why TTs claim to not be terriers.
    I had a rescued TT for 17years and she was a WONDERFUL terrier…kept the mice from the backyard out of the house…nailed about 1 per week at least. When I moved to my parents house to take care of them, she nailed ever more of them coming in from the fields that backed up to my parents yard. She also chased a big ugly yellow cat that tried to kill the bunnies that come out to play. She never tried to chase them but only watched on guard for them. Mice and rats however, were definately dispatched. Yet other TT people are astonished at her prowess as a terrier. I thought they were bred to protect the canvansary or the temple food supplies. She had a wonderful double coat that did require daily brushing.
    RIP Muffy.

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