UK couple alleged to have killed Scottie Dog

In Birmingham, England, a couple have been charged with killing a Scottish Terrier named Laddie by throwing him from the balcony of their fifth-floor flat.

This is the second abominable incident involving a UK Scottie that we’ve had to report on recently.

4 thoughts on “UK couple alleged to have killed Scottie Dog

  1. If they can do that to their pet, can you imagine what they would do to their children? No matter how many horror stories I hear, it still shocks and astounds me to even think people do such horrible mean things to other living beings.

  2. Their punishment should be tossing them out of a fifth floor window and then left to lay there till they get up themselves or expire and go where they belong: Hell.

  3. Oh my gracious, what I could do to people like that, so evil. Poor Laddie he must have wondered why he was with such nasty humans. They have to get jail time.

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