Woman bites dog, and it’s a pitbull!

The Minneapolis woman bit the the pitbull to stop an attack on her own dog. She may face rabies treatment as a result.

Update: Scottish Terrier and Dog News reader discovers a past case of a Scottie owner biting a pitbull in Florida.

3 thoughts on “Woman bites dog, and it’s a pitbull!

  1. What is happening in this Fair city of mine. About ever 4 months a Pit attack makes the news here. It breaks my heart. My two tiny little Scotties love to go play with their Pit buddies. They are two of the kindest dogs you will meet.

  2. Those American Pit Bulls MAY be kind and fun today or even tomorrow but you can NOT ever totally trust them. Too many ‘family pets’ have turned on their owners and family pets have ripped apart children and elderly. It’s foolhardy to even begin to trust this breed as you can NEVER be certain about when they can and will turn on you or your dog. But if you think it’s OK for kids to eat lead, then you’re probably think it’s OK to let Scotties play with PBs.

  3. I’m sure Abigail knows what she’s doing with her dogs and doesn’t think it’s okay for kids to eat lead either.

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