Yesterday’s nosing around paid off for Scottie News

IMG_0271, originally uploaded by logan.savage.

In keeping with this week’s nosy wheaten Scottie theme, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News received an e-mail from the owner of young Barbra Bonnie, who is shown above. It sure looks like she could sniff out a lot of news.

On a more serious note and since we’ve been talking a lot obout Wheatens lately, here is a link to excerpts from ‘The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs’ by Clarence C. Little, Sc. D. It was published in 1957 so no doubt they know a lot more these days, but Scottie News still hasn’t been able to sniff it out — yet.

And we’re still looking for the name of that Cardinal who keeps a dog in the Vatican. Confess if you know who he!

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s nosing around paid off for Scottie News

  1. Oh Bonnie is sweet! I want a Wheaten soooo bad! Little Finnegan went back to my friend as is still for sale. I’d get him, however I cannot take on more vet bills right now.

    Sweet Bonnie girl! It is ok to have a dirty nose now and then!

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