Did Hitler have a Scottish Terrier?

The Unremitting Failure blog is reporting that, along with his German Shepherd Blondi, “Hitler had another dog, a dog shadowed in secrecy, legend, gossip, and innuendo. This dog was Burli the Scotch terrier. Given to Hitler by Martin Bormann, Burli stayed well away from the Albert Speer-designed spotlights of celebrity fascism. In fact, the only reference to him we’ve ever run across is in The Hitler Book, which distills the details of the interrogations of two of Hitler’s underlings conducted by the Soviets following the war.”

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News remains deeply sceptical, not only about Burli but also about Eva Braun’s alleged Scotties.

Update: Scottie News doesn’t know what we were thinking, as documentary evidence of Eva Braun’s Scottish Terriers, Negus and Stasi, abounds. `

And not only still photos either but video too as was pointed out to us in the comments:

There are further rumours about Eva having a third Scottie and also that the dogs were given to her by her Fuhrer fiance. It’s interesting too that one of them was called Stasi.

(Hat tip: Thanks to the anonymous commenter who set the Scottish Terrier and Dog News straight)

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  1. Hi, It was only a few weeks back that History channel on “Austar” pay tv here in Australia ran a program on Hitler and Eva Braun. Footage taken at the Eagle’s nest retreat shows Eva with her 2 scotties.Hitler is shown with his Alsatian but no mention was made of him owning a scottie.

  2. Eva Braun’s mother was the first tho have a Scottish terrier. Hitler, according to himself, couldn’t stand the breed. He was presented with a Scottish puppy when he visited Nazi-leader Robert Ley’s wife who just then had a litter of puppies. Hitler told his secretary, that, out of mere politeness, he praised the doggies, “althouh I find those rats abominable.” Mrs. Ley then sent him a puppy for a present which he forwarded to Eva Braun’s mother. “I wouldn’t have my picture taken with a dog like that”, Hitler said. He disliked all small dogs, somehow funny, because when he was a soldier in WW I he picked up a stray British terrier of which he grew very fond. He named him Fuchsl and he had no problem then to have his picture taken with it. (The dog looks like a bull terrier).
    Well, the man was atrocious in so many ways, his disdain for certain animal is only one of his lesser faults…

  3. Sargent Fritz Tornow, in charge of Hitler´s dog, kill with a letal injection tow dogs belonging to Eva Braun and his own dog, a daschshund, after killing Blondi and its four puppies.

  4. According to the book "Hitler's Mistress – Eva Braun" by Nerin E. Gun (Meredith Press, 1968), Stasi and Negus were birthday gifts from Hitler to Braun. Negus was killed in April 1945 by a Russian grenade. Stasi was last seen alive after the war by neighbors of the Brauns in Munich. He was wandering the streets like many other postwar strays.

    According to Gun's interviews with Hitler's secretary Traudl Junge, the scotties actively disliked Hitler's German Shepherd Blondie. During the daytime, Blondie had the run of the residence but at night she was put away so that Stasi and Negus had free rein. When Braun slept, the two scotties kept watch outside her bedroom door.

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