Is your Scottish Terrier too fat?

There’s an interesting discussion on chubby Scottie dogs going on in the comments of an older post. If you have any doggie diet tips, please join in.

2 thoughts on “Is your Scottish Terrier too fat?

  1. My 10 year old Scotty (Coco) if FAT ! 43 LBS! She’s fed 2 times a day dry dog food (No grain and costly) Give her about a handful topped with a bit of broth….VET said put her on diet and that she has hypathyroidism…but when we had her on the pills for this she acted mopy and sick like…Any help ??

  2. Our Scottish Terrier, Woodstock, received the same news from the vet yesterday. He must go on a diet. He told us to develop a plan. We feed out Scottie Taste of the Wild and Iams Lamb and Rice mixed.
    We have 2 Scotties and have kept both dog food bowls full at all times so food does not become an issues between the dogs.
    I am interested in any dieting ideas that anyone can share.

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