Perils of inbreeding: Bladder cancer in Scottie dogs

The MacBlog asks how much is enough when it comes to breeding dogs for specialized characteristics:

108 years of linebreeding has locked into our gene pool genetic predisposition for bladder cancer, among other genetic problems, making our breed some 20 times more likely to die of bladder cancer than other dogs. As a result, Scotties have the unwelcome ‘honor’ to be canine subjects for current NIH Cancer Research into the genetics of bladder cancer because the inbreeding over the past century that shrank our gene pool to a gene puddle inadvertently created a small, inbred, genetically imperiled, population ideal for genome mapping.

See also this article from Britain’s Daily Telegraph on heriditary disease threatening purebred dogs.

One thought on “Perils of inbreeding: Bladder cancer in Scottie dogs

  1. I had to give my beloved Mollie her angel wings yesterday. She had a tumor taking up 90% of her bladder. Last Jan she was given 2 months to live but we were blessed with 8 extra months. I didn’t see your article until today. We have another Scottie from the same breeder. She was 9 yrs 10 months old. He is 7 and so far has not had any major issues.

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