Scottish Terrier injured in grooming accident

WAFB in Baton Rouge, Louisianna reports:

Whether it’s just a simple trim or a fancy doggy do, these days, it seems pups all over the country are getting the royal treatment. “He gets washed, blown dry and gets the traditional Scottie cut every six weeks.” Meet David Dayries and his Scottish Terrier, “Ozzy.” David describes his dog as warm, friendly, and at times, a bit outgoing. He’s been taking Ozzy to a local groomer for few years and says he never really had a problem, until one day, when he says a couple of student groomers took over the shears. “When my wife picked him up, he was on the table and when she walked up, he jumped to her. Once she got in the car, she looked down and her shirt was covered in blood.” What’s worse is David says the groomer tried to keep the incident a secret. “They weren’t open or even admitted an accident had happened, and only talked to us when pressed.”

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3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier injured in grooming accident

  1. This happened to Pippi, who groomers tell me is wonderful to work with. She got nipped and they tried to say that she had been licking herself so much she made a sore. Now come on!

  2. Our Ozzie was very upset by this story! He said, “Quelle horreur !” (Knowing a Cajun Scottie would understand…)

  3. Bridget was nicked on the head at her appointment 10 days ago.

    I was quite upset because she really does take a day to recover from grooming even under normal circumstances — and I hated to think she had a sore head on top of everything else.

    A friend’s dog had his willie nicked, and though I feel his pain, I’m sure the male readers feel it even more.

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