Skye Terriers honoured at Edinburgh ceremony

One hundred and fifty years after Bobby first sneaked into Greyfriars kirkyard, the famous and faithful dog will be honoured as dozens of Skye terriers are given the run of the kirk in his memory.

As previously reported by the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, the Skye Terrier is, however, facing extinction.

Although their need to protect and watch over their owners is appealing, it seems loyalty is no longer enough and, according to Hazel (Proud of the Skye Terriers Club), they are fast becoming extinct. Today they are one of the most endangered of the vulnerable native breeds of this country. It’s claimed that within 40 years the breed may disappear completely.

Says Hazel: “They’ve gone out of fashion, and it’s more fashionable to own an exotic breed. Last year only 37 Skye terriers were registered, compared to 46,000 Labradors. It’s a big problem.”

And so it seems that the Skye terrier – immortalised in the story of Greyfriars Bobby – may be eclipsed by fashionable foreign breeds, such as the shih tzu and Lhasa Apso. A renaissance, according to Hazel, is what’s needed with pet lovers falling once more for the charms of Bobby.

Read more in Edinburgh’s Evening News.

2 thoughts on “Skye Terriers honoured at Edinburgh ceremony

  1. I would never have thought a labrador was an exotic breed, given there are so many of them. In fact, we have a neighbor who has a chocolate lab named Skye. Funny.

  2. I have a wonderfully funny and beautiful Skye named Skyler McNish(after my great grandmother McNish) He’s very headstrong but we have an understanding. I’m so sorry to hear that their numbers are dwindling. I knew when I got him that they were a rare breed. He has a special personality and a special place in my heart.So lucky to have him!

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