Video: Scottish Terrier Dog vs. Laser Pointer

Do you approve or disapprove of the activity on display in this video? You don’t have to sit though the whole thing to pass judgment as it’s pretty much the same thing all the way through except for one spinning scene.

People do seem to be using these laser pointers with dogs more and more. Scottie News has also seen them at the park.

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7 thoughts on “Video: Scottish Terrier Dog vs. Laser Pointer

  1. i think its fine to use a laser pointer to have a scottie chase as they enjoy it — but i don’t think its fine to laugh at and ridicule your scottie while doing it — they are proud dogs, they take chasing prey seriously, and its awfully juvenile and semi-cruel to torment them with laughter and jeering — these people weren’t having fun WITH the scottie dog, they were making fun OF the scottie — and these dogs now the difference

  2. I agree with Anonymous. I think it becomes cruel at some point. I believe it can be used for them to get some exercise if you are walking along with them and making it fun. But to just keep them spinning and running into things is just mean.

  3. I’ve done the same thing with the suns reflexion off of my watchcrystal. I’d be afraid of using a laser though as you could get your dog in the eye with the beam and damage his sight.

  4. This is my video. My dog is completely fine. I’m not planning to do this again (though YT does seem to want a sequel). She did not sustain any injuries whatsoever, and didn’t run into anything. I am not cruel in any way, and I love my dog. And the title is “MINNIE vs. Laser Pointer”. I absolutely HATE animal cruelty!

  5. No need for thanks, I said it so everyone here would know I’m not evil. Mike Vick, hovever, is.

  6. Actually, I was at PetSmart the other day, and I saw laser pointers designed SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of making pets chase them. Just so ya know.

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