Yes, it’s a Yorkshire Terrier at the Scottie News

Special Delivery, originally uploaded by trisheroverton.

What is the Scottish Terrier and Dog News doing featuring a Yorkie? Well, it’s to let you know we have a special report coming up today on Yorkshire Terrier crime.

As part of my duties as editor and publisher of the Scottie News, I must keep up with terrier happenings in general, and I’m frequently amazed by all the Yorkie mayhem and madness.

Sometimes it seems that barely a day goes by without a Yorkie being stolen, kidnapped or impersonated by a less fashionable breed.

On the one hand, it shows the perils of being a hghly popular dog breed. On the other hand, there sure is a whole lot more Yorkie news than Scottie news. And for us dog news hounds, the dirty little secret is that no news isn’t always good news…

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