Caution: Be careful of swimming Scottish Terriers

The Scottie Dog Newsvideos of swimming Scots elicited a sad tale of a drowned Scottish Terrier puppy from Jurate.

It’s prompted us to remind everyone to be very careful if you let your Scots swim. After all despite, this handcrafted Dogfish, Scotties are most definitely not fish.

When we first got Bridget — who, by the way, turned two yesterday — I remember being struck by this warning on her breeder’s site:

Drowning may not seem like a breed-specific health issue, but pools are a big risk to Scotties – especially Scottie pups. They love the water and they love swimming, but they’re notoriously bad at it. Scots in the water must be closely supervised, and Scots in a pool or other abruptly deep water should be avoided at all costs. If you have a pool or pond, it must be securely fenced in before you get a Scottie, and your family must be committed to keeping things secure. I speak from experience on this: I sold a puppy to a family with a pool and pond, both fenced in, but their 10 week old puppy found a way in and drowned – this is heartbreaking for both owner and breeder. Scottie drownings in pools are such a problem that the American Kennel Club sends a warning about them to everyone who registers a Scot. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t take your Scottie with you to the cottage! We’ve had all our Scots at the lake, and they’ve been fine because the waterfront has been very gradual and shallow. As long as they have the option to swim back when they (quickly) get tired, they can enjoy the cottage lifestyle along with you. Pools don’t usually provide this option. (Scottie-sized life jackets are more and more available these days – dogs who spend a lot of time around the water should no doubt have one.)

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News will try to put together a full dog lifejacket report over the next week, but, in the mean time, check out, the always handsome Doogs from Sweet Cottage Dreams, modelling his life vest.

Update: Read the amazing story of the Scottish Terrier girl who fell off a boat and swam half a mile (almost 1 km) to shore.

4 thoughts on “Caution: Be careful of swimming Scottish Terriers

  1. This is a great post. You are right that pools are very dangerous for Scotties. We paid pretty pennies to put up a safety fence around ours–worth every penny though. We use life vests on Oliver and Baggins if they are around the pool when we are in, but still watch them like hawks. We are pleased with this vest: I’ll email the link if it does not work in my comment.

  2. Ahhh, I had no idea that you had little Doogsie photo’d here. Yes, we worry about him falling in and not being able to swim to the side AND then get out. We lost our 15 year old terrier a few years back after she fell in our pool. So sad and very bruising…hence the life vest for Doogs.


  3. We lost our precious puppy to the pool. We were in the process of building the pool fence, we were right next to the pool when she fell in, sadly the shock and cold was too much and she died. I was devastated! We have since got a new puppy but not before the fence was completed. What surprises me is that so many owners are oblivious to the danger of a pool/pond when it comes to old dogs and new puppies. The vet that tried to save our little Tee commented that most drownings were young pups and old dogs.

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