Dog DNA Test Reveals Scottish Terrier Genes

An article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch suggests several reasons people get their dogs DNA tested:

For Cindy and Rick Oleshak of Webster Groves, getting their mutt, Maizy, tested was a matter of scratching an itch. They were just curious.

Or, as Cindy Oleshak put it: “It’s something for people like us who have nothing better to do.”

Staff members at the Animal Protective Association, where the Oleshaks adopted Maizy, said she was a beagle-Labrador retreiver mix and estimated that she’d probably grow to 25 pounds.

“When she hit 40 pounds and didn’t look much like a beagle or a Lab, we were like, ‘All right, let’s figure this out,'” Cindy said. They thought for sure Maizy was predominantly Italian greyhound mixed with a barrel-chested breed.

Not so, said the Canine Heritage Breed Test. Her DNA indicates that she’s mostly boxer with some Scottish terrier and Belgian Tervuren mixed in.

“Rick and I got on Google right away. I knew what a boxer looked like but a Belgian Tervuren? What the heck is that?” Oleshak asked. “So we’re looking at the computer and looking at her and looking at the computer. Also I’m not really seeing Scottish terrier at all except they’re hyper and Maizy’s very hyper.”

The Scottie Dog News would not describe Scottish Terriers as hyper. We’re betting the hyper gene came from the Belgian Tervuren even if this is the first time we’ve even heard of them.

4 thoughts on “Dog DNA Test Reveals Scottish Terrier Genes

  1. Tevurens are a lovely former herding dog that seems to be taking over from the German Shepherds. They do a lot of police work. I only know this because I am an obsessive Dogs with Jobs watcher. They are tenacious, and yes, seem to be a little hyper.

    I would think the Scottie factor would come in with the protectiveness, and the jaunty ears! If you turn your head sideways…

    What a sweet dog!

  2. My Scottie is anything BUT hyper. He is sooo laid back. Maybe the barrel-chest is from the Scottie gene.

  3. Our Bonnie is a puppy and definitley NOT hyper. Now she runs around like a mad woman when we toss a ball to her, but that is just organized play…not the hyper jumping up and down and restlessness that I think of as hyper. She’s actually very calm with visitors and small children.

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