Guide to Stripping Scottish Terriers and other dogs

The Scottie Dog News gets a lot of visitors seeking information on stripping or hand stripping dogs, which unfortunately we don’t know much about.

Today, however, in the interests of keeping prospective readers happy, we went on a search for the best guide to terrier stripping we could find. Unfortunately, we can’t give credit where credit is due because all the article says is that it’s written by Laurel.

Entitled Laurel’s Hand Stripping the Wire or Broken Coated Dog (FAQs), it answers a multitude of questions, including:

  • I am the owner of a wire coated breed. The grooming shop asked me if I wanted her hand stripped or just cut. I said “just cut” because I was too embarrassed to ask my question, What is it when a dog is hand stripped?
  • Ouch. Doesn’t pulling the hair hurt? I do not think I can do this myself. How do I find someone to have my dog hand stripped?
  • Eek! You said my dog would have a nice wire coat. I had my dog hand stripped and now she looks naked and is very soft. How long will it take to grow back?
  • Is Knife or ‘hands only’ stripping better?

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News can’t recommend this article enough, but we are a little worried that the juxtaposition of words like strip, knives, hurt and cut will bring in a nastier crowd than our usual genial terrier fanciers.
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2 thoughts on “Guide to Stripping Scottish Terriers and other dogs

  1. The last “Groomer Has It” had a hand stripping competition with some very fuzzy, grubby Border Terriers.

    It was great to see it in action. I hadn’t planned on handstripping my terrier when I would eventually get it, but now that I see that it’s easy, and better for the dog’s skin, I’ll give it a go.

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