How much does a Scottish Terrier puppy cost?

When I was the editor of a personal finance magazine, we used to joke that people would far rather talk about their sex lives than their finances. But today, inspired by this article on the high price of purebred dogs in India, the Scottie News is broaching a touchy question: How much should a well bred Scottish Terrier cost?

And just to show we’re not shy to shatter taboos, I’ll start.

Bridget cost $1,400 Canadian. Her breeder told me that they sometimes charge less for the dogs if it’s a difficult time of the year to find homes. She also said that American Scotties were usually cheaper.

And for everyone’s convenience, there’s a currency converter here.

Take it away, Scottie News readers.

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  1. Pittsburgh, PA — Scotties are advertised in our newspaper very rarely but when they are, they are usually in the $400 range. When we saw an ad for a “Scottie, black, male; 4 mos old; good with kids; needs a home” we immediately called and went on a road trip the next day. The woman who owned Finnegan (his real name) only had him a month when she found out her female could not breed so she gave him away.. JUST LIKE THAT. Good for us; good for Angus (the name we gave him). We like to think we rescued him. Angus is a very sweet, special dog. We love him to death, including our Westie.

  2. I’m in Austin, TX, and most of the scotties around here are in the 1000-1400 range. We bought our dog from a breeder outside of Dallas, and he cost 550.

      1. I bought my Bonnie from someone who was in Dallas also. It was Cambell’s Farm where they breed Scottish Terriers. She is over 5 yrs now. She cost $500 back then. I believe they are still in business.
        (However, we started her in obedience school too late. She was over 1 year old and could care less about learning how to “stay”, etc….)

      2. hello I just thought id say that when I was on my coffee drive today I found 2 puppies and their mother out in the cold so I brought them home after asking a few ppl about them and they are now safe from the cold with full tummies fast asleep, I was wondering what breed they were and found pics of Scottish terriers and that’s wat the lil cuties look like. not too sure wat to do with them cuz I have 2 dogs of my own n have a hard time with them at times.
        Merry Christmas everyone.

        1. Where do you live? Is there a Scottish Terrier or a Westie Rescue in your area? It is best to call them, because they will be able to rehome them with people who know and love the breed and know what to expect from them. I can help you find a rescue if need be. My email is

          Also, check Craigs List and the local paper and call the pound to see if the owner is looking for them. If the mother’s coat is in good shape, they may have gotten out and lost.

          1. We have Scottie puppies!! We are in Moore, OK We are in early stages of becoming Scottie breeders. We are selling black for $500, wheaten for $600 They are full blood. Mom and dad are both AKC registered.

          2. Have a beautiful litter of Scotties that will be ready for Christmas. Will send pics if you are interested. Live in Louisiana.

  3. I’m in Key West and got Cosmo from pet store for 800$. I know that pet store is not the place to get the puppy, but it’s a long story and I just didn’t have heart to leave him there. I visited relatives in Connecticut in April and the pet store there had probably around 50 puppies, including scotties, all priced 999$. and for the same money they had breeds like Morky and Hoodle, what’s up with that? isn’t this illegal, nowadays you can just invent the breed?
    in Estonia, where I’m from, you can get a good show quality scottie for 1400$.

  4. I live in the midwest US and my brindle boy was $500 and my wheaten girl was $700. When we searched for a breeder a lot were that price or higher. My two aren’t show quality but they were worth every penny!

  5. When we were searching for a puppy, we looked through several different surrounding states. (We live in KY) It seems as though the further north we went, the price went up ($1000 to $4000). The southern states, however, went from $350 to $800. We lucked out at $400 for our Finnegan. He’s not a show dog, but he’s got a great look!

  6. Iowa – We bought Duncan from a AKC breeder out of eastern Iowa for $295. Even at 8 weeks old he was slightly pidgeon toed and so strictly pet quality. His brother, Ritter, was also pet quality (his coat is too soft for show) and was sold at 11 weeks old for $250 to a very good friend. Both were sold with open registrations. The breeder was focused on finding the RIGHT homes for the boys – rather than the most profit per pup. Duncan (My Shuffle Puppy) and Ritter have regular play dates and even get to have “sleep overs” when one or the other’s people go out of town.

    1. my cuzen found a dog and we just found out it was a scottish terrer we never thought we would be interested in this kind of dog he is so caring and loveing i love him to be around he likes the car he gose every were with me and my family and he is grate with kids.

      1. i hope he will be around for a long time we think he is 6 mounths we found him in bridge port connecut runing around in the streets.

    2. Hi, I live in Independence Iowa and I am looking for a scottish terrier. I have a male, Sherlock his grandmother, Ashly recently died at 16 1/2 years old. She was in wonderful health up to the last four months. She had arthritis and she had trouble walking more than a block.

      Is the breeder you purchased your scotty from still selling scottish terriers? Do you have the persons telephone number? My number is 319 334 2842.

      Duncki sure is a nice looking scotty. Take care, lynda

    3. We are looking for an AKC in IA or nearby. Can you please refer us to the one you know? Thanks a lot in advance!

  7. I live in Fargo, ND and there are many Scottish Terriers in this area. Neither of my Scotties are show quality. I got Burt from a local farm lady and paid $250 for him, but he had a lot of initial health problems. I got his sister Izzy (Wheaten colored) from a different breeder and she was $600. But healthy :)

    1. We purchased a pure bred puppy from a breeder in Manitoba, Canada (one I would NOT recommend…) for $850. And we are now getting Maud, an adult, from Mucklewags in Ontario (a breeder I can not recommend highly enough!!!) for $950. Mucklewags puppies go for $1800. They’re absolutely worth every dollar!!!

      1. My dog Bridget is from Mucklewags. We got her as a puppy but she didn’t cost $1,800. It was either $1,200 or $1,400.

        I can definitely recommend them.

        And I’m wondering if Bridget is related to Maud.

          1. Apparently Maud and Bridget are not related. Maud came from Idaho originally. She’s a wonderful, funny little gal and will not let Sophie(our Manitoba Scottie) boss her around. Maud is the Empress!

      2. It’s interesting that you got an unhealthy scottie in Fargo. All of our Fargo scotties (4) have had some sort of health problem. We now have 2 from California and they are completely healthy.

  8. I live in Hawaii and paid $1,500 for my little scottie lass. She is worth every penny of it. (Overall, scotties are very rare in HI, and most are flown in from Australia or New Zealand for $2,500+).

  9. Our wee girl cost us €1250 which seems to be about average for a Scottie here in Germany. No idea if Piper is show quality or not, and I don’t really care.

  10. Maine-
    We got Abby from a breeder down south who flew her out to us. We paid $800 which included the price of her plane ticket. She is not show quality and some might even say she is a bit funny looking ( i think her head should be bigger) and Murdoch was a stray at a shelter but said to be full Scottish Terrier. We paid $150 bucks for him there. You may remember Abby & Murdoch from such films as “The Scottie Ninja”, “killer Scottie” & “Don’t blow in Mr. Murdoch’s Face” :-)

  11. Hi, My Mother and I are breeders in Cent.Oregon. We normaly sell our Scotty “Kids” (my wife says I spent more time with the Scotts than I do with our kids at times) for $600.00. We hand deliver each and every one of out lil balls of fluff, and even have Fostered a few when their new Mom and Dads have ran into trouble.

    1. Hey, that sound wonderful. I am so glad we have breeder like you, that put the wellbeing of the dogs first. It is so much easier to get a successful and happy experience for the puppy and new owner. Thanks

  12. in brazil from 500 to 1500 reais (300-800 US$). The minimum wage here is 400 reais (230 US$). They are expensive :)

  13. I purchased my wonderful wheaten male from an amazing breeder in norther Nevada this past fall for $1,500. The price seemed steep at first, but when I visited the breeder realized that my puppy would be coming from a wonderful environment, with most of shots, and a fantastic pedigree, I knew that he’d be worth every penny. Now ten months old, I can tell you that having a good relationship with a wonderful breeder who can give you a fantastic dog with ample peace of mind is worth the higher price.

  14. This was a really helpful article! We're in the market to get a Scottie puppy, and we wanted to make sure we weren't getting ripped off.

  15. I got my Casey from Scottish Terrier rescue here in Southern California. He had medical issues (he has Cerebeller Abiotrophy, a genetic disorder that progressively disables his motor ability – they are called 'Wobbly Scotties'), and the rescue had already paid for kidney stones surgery. We knew he'd been abused and had been through a rough life, but I paid the $250 for him and he has been an incredible blessing in my life for just about five years. If there are cross-species soul mates, he's mine!

  16. I am a college girl who loves Scotties. Since I live in Fargo, ND prices range anywhere from $250-600. Would anyone know of an adoptive type network where I could find a scottie for free? I'm looking for a pet-quality puppy that will be spoiled rotten. While I can afford to maybe pay a couple hundred dollars at most, I am on a budget.

    I would preferably like a puppy, but would also be interested in a younger adult dog. Thanks!

  17. After our 14 year old Scottie passed away, our home wasn’t a home any longer……..just a house.
    I searched everywhere for another Scottie and found what we were looking for at Scottie Kingdom Rescue…….we adopted biological sisters……six months young…….one black and one wheaton………they are the LOVES of our lives……….if anyone is looking to purchase, adopt or rescue, please, please consider a rescue rather than a “puppy mill.” We did and will do it again!

  18. Please do not buy a dog without investigating the breeder. There are lots of things to consider besides the price of a dog. Breeding dogs often live in very small cages where they go to the bathroom and it is never cleaned up. When they die (or are killed for failure to reproduce), they are simply replaced by their own offspring. On the other hand, there are very ethical breeders who take good care of their dogs. These dogs may cost a little more, but so what. Remember, your puppy has a real dog mother and father.

  19. We adopted a set of sisters from located in Mesquite, Tx in 2006 after the lose of our 14 year old male Scottie, Casey.
    I feel everyone interested in not only a Scottish Terrier puppy as your life long friend, but any dog and/or cat should be purchased from a rescue, NOT a puppy mill breeder or puppy mill pet store.
    We paid $395.00 for each which included spay services, innocultations, microchip, adoption papers, food/toy coupons and a happy home life.
    Please, everyone consider adoption from a rescue service.

  20. In Northern Ireland a good quality puppy costs £800. In England they can cost a lot more, around £1200 from top kennels. Obviously you can pay a lot less for your pup on line, but as the saying goes ,’You get what you pay for’.

  21. We live in Greece and over a year ago we got our first Scottie at a local pet shop but he is from Hungary. The cost was €650 including microchip, transportation and all. He is not qualified for shows, but he is really a very beautiful and nice dog. This year, a few months ago we got our second Scottie from Czech Rep. from a reputable breeder -not from a pet mill- and she is definitely more sociable, fearless and has an international pedigree even though we don’t intend to run her in shows. The cost was €1000 and the breeder is Majesco -anyone interested in Europe can check it on the internet.

  22. After owning Scotties for 42 years, I can tell you Scotties should never be more than $300. Talk of $600 and above ($1000, are you kidding me?) is ridiculous. With the 8 Scotties we have had, I only bred one female because the “show breeder” I bought her from would only come down in price if I gave her a puppy. I bred her once (horrible experience for her), she had 4 puppies and did the hard work. Yes, I had expenses with feeding and vet bills. I kept one puppy, sold 2 for $300 and the greedy “show breeder” sold hers for $500. They were healthy and adorable but Scotties can have lots of health problems – as can any dog. Breeders breed the females too much and when their breeding days are over they give them to Scottie Rescue as if the dog was homeless. The world of purebreds is as corrupt as horse racing.

  23. I disagree with Trish. We breed our two Scottie girls in May of this year after trying unsuccessfully for 4 years to get them pregnant. One took an infection and had to have her womb removed and the other had 8 pups delivered by cesarean section. She then had to have her womb removed due to complications. The unfortunate part of breeding good pedigree Scotties is the high expense, firstly with the mating process, which is generally very difficult and then the high cost of vet fees. We kept one puppy girl to carry our line of show dogs and certainly would not dream of rehoming our girls, as the are part of our family.

  24. No pure bred dog should cost only $300. Good breeders should be paid top dollar for their dogs to compensate them for the time and expense required to properly care for their breeding dogs. There should be lots of oversight to make sure that breeders do take good care of the breeding dogs. It is not a constitutional right for Americans to own cheap pure bred dogs. Cheap pure bred dogs usually come from puppy mills where lack of care of the breeding dogs allows the owners to pass these savings on to the consumer. It is a sin.

  25. anyone who paid for a Scottish Terrier puppy and took it home before the age of 10-12 weeks OVER PAID EVEN IF IT WAS ONLY ONE DOLLAR! Even if you are looking for a “pet” you should ONLY go to a REPUTABLE SHOW BREEDER everything else is a FAR FAR cry from what a Scottish Terrier should look like, STOP ENCOURAGING BACK YARD BREEDERS JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SAVE A DOLLAR!

  26. We just had a little girl Scottie become a member of our home; her name is Alba (gaelic for “Scotland.”). This is my son’s Christmas present and she is an absolute delight! She has a “brother” who is a tea cup Yorkie named, “Buster” and the two are like children. We are excited to have a Scottie. We tried and tried to rescue one, but weren’t successful, but were blessed with Alba. She is 11 weeks old and just the queeen of our house!

  27. Another note on Alba…… she definitely was well over the costs I am seeing in the low hundreds of dollar ranges. She is fully registered and has show lines. We were more concerned with her disposition and the demeanor of the dog; the price was not the greatest concern. I guess if that is the first thing you look at, then maybe you should look for another pet- their health and well being should out weigh saving a few dollars- agree?

  28. I was living in Oakland, California when I got my first Scottish Terrier puppy. Upon seeing my dog almost everyone’s first question was, “How much did she cost?” The best was when I was walking down a city street and the driver of a county transit bus pulled the bus over, jumped out and ran across the street to ask me…”How much did your dog cost?”

  29. I have a 7 month old male scottie I would like to breed with another scottie so I could keep 1 puppy before having my dog fixed. I just want a buddy for my dog, he is very sweet and good with dogs and people. I live in Fallbrook, Calif.

  30. My Dad paid $75.00 for my 1st Scottie Lori, 50 years ago in Michigan. My 2nd one, Bridget was $350, 20 years ago and Bella was $500, 10 years ago from New Jersey. They were all registered. Lori & Bella came from wonderful dedicated breeders. I was refered to Bella’s breeder by the New England Scottie Club & highly recommend getting a referal for a breeder, if you plan on buying.

  31. 27 years ago I paid about $550 for my first Scottie, who was (I regret to say, but I was ignorant) a puppy mill dog from a pet shop. 10 years later, I bought a very healthy and happy puppy from an excellent U.S. breeder (who offers both show and pet puppies) for $750 (more importantly, he lived to the ripe old age of 14 years.

    Three years ago I went to this same excellent breeder with 35 years experience with Scotties, and she sold me a show quality puppy for $1500 (plus transportation, obviously). He got his championship in 7 weekends, and his father won Best of Breed at Westminster in 2008. He is a gorgeous dog. Then I wanted a companion for him so back to the same breeder — and I was very unhappy to receive a sweet but not great-looking retired champion who was a 3-year old bitch, and the breeder had her spayed before sending her, and she was $1500 also (should have been less).

    OK — in 2011 I looked and looked for a really special show dog who would also be my beloved pet. My show handler found a phenomenal dog for me, a male brindle Scottie from a famous kennel in England. I paid about $2200 in U.S. dollars for the dog, and about another $1200 (approximately) for the international transportation, including all the extras and the paperwork, and special safety steps, etc. So about $3,400 total — plus vet fees when he got here (shots, etc.) and another $50 to register a foreign dog with the AKC (I don’t recommend it if you can possibly avoid the paperwork!)

    Is the dog worth it? Absolutely. He is the heartiest, healthiest and happiest Scottie puppy I’ve ever had in 27 years in the breed. He will also do GREAT in the show ring, not that it matters to some pet owners, but it is a nice plus.

    So — to summarize…a REPUTABLE breeder (who is a member of the Scottish Terrier Club of America or the U.K. equivalent) will not sell a well-bred pet Scottie for under $1,000 currently in the U.S., and you may pay up to $1800. A dog for $300 – $500 is from a backyard breeder who does not do genetic testing to screen out diseases common to the breed, and probably has not gotten the puppy their vaccinations, etc. You cannot get a quality Scottie for $500! Or $700!

    Strangely, puppy mill Scotties in pet shops (who Scottie Rescue are trying to save) cost the same or more as great quality, healthy, well-socialized pups from a professional breeder. The mark-up on puppy mill dogs is about 1000% from the miserable cage where they are born to that pet shop and then to the buyer. Please do not buy a puppy mill dog. You are not saving a life — you are just making room for the next sad and sick little dog who will come from that puppy mill. No matter what the pet shop tells you, ALL puppies sold there come from puppy mills through an interim puppy broker who ships them to the pet shops.

    In 2012, you should plan on spending from $1200 to $1500 for a Scottie puppy from a very experienced and knowledgeable breeder who wants great homes for her great puppies, and you may pay more if the dog has show potential with a written guarantee that he/she is AKC championship material.

    You can find these kind, conscientious breeders (who will give you a health guarantee in writing and if you ever can’t keep the dog, they will take it back from you at any point in its lifetime) in the “Breeder Referral” section of the web site of the Scottish Terrier Club of America. These breeders are bound by a strict standard of ethics, and when you buy a dog from them, you are getting a great companion or show dog (no I’m not a breeder, I don’t have the stamina for it). And then buy veterinary insurance on your new dog — you can save thousands of dollars over the years on wellness care, puppy tummy upsets, etc. I hope this helps.

    1. Thank YOU for your remarks on this posting. I know it was some time ago , but I just came across today.
      I am a breeder in southern Idaho and have been for 24 years now , I have been able to keep my same female bloodline and do submit on my part DNA genetic testing which most breeders do not. My puppies are priced up there but still affordable , I do take pride in my line and keeping to the AKC standards for size and build ! My stud Scottie is from the CH Amtamm Line , to include Sadie the Westminster winner 2010(Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot) and the Call to Glory line from Argentina . To sum this up , if you are looking for a Scottie pup do not look at price first . Look at the breeding , both pedigrees, spend time with the parents and talk to previous buyers before making the commitment.

      1. My husband and I have just lost (in May) our last ST MacGregor. Thirty years ago we began with ST MacDougall, and inbetween we had Emily Rose with The Button Nose, a Sealyham. At one time we had all three! It was great! However, now that we are older we are beginning with one ST, a male hopefully. I think after awhile we should get a second. We lost one to cancer at 12yrs6mths and MacGregor to failed liver, brain tumor. I held him the whole last day and talked to him about his life, petted him all over his body, and how much we will miss him. We just keep crying we miss him so.

        Are you anticipating any litters in the future or do you have any pups now for their forever homes?
        Diane Lynch (Hugh)
        Cincinnati, OH

        1. Thank you Rose for talking to me for so long. I look forward to meeting you and will look forward to your future litter(s). You are the exact type and kind of breeder for which I have been looking.

  32. You might want to look into a rescue Scotty.. We’ve gotten two from a local Scottish terrier rescue organization. We found them on Pet Finders…. She has puppies occasionally and gives them all check ups, shots and grooming before they are put up for adoption. We our selves have gotten older dogs because we don’t have the time to devote to an energetic puppy. :) The fee varies but in our case it was about 300 US. We’ve been very happy with both our boys, one who lived to 12 and the newest, named Scottie (not our name!:) ) who is 8 now but has the energy of a younger dog. Scottie is apparently from a very reputable breeder and supposedly is related in some way to Barney Bush… In any even Petfinders may have a rescue place near you that will get you a great pet for 300 or so…

    BTW About puppy mills. My wife had a scotty when we met, Bucca, who has been featured here… We later realized after looking harder at her paperwork that she more than likely was from a puppy mill. She lived to be 17 years old and was running alot even when she was 15… It is sad that she came from one but she was an awesome girl and one of the loveliest dogs, in all ways that I’ve ever known…

    1. I “inherited” a puppy mill Scottie once upon a time. Got him at 12 and he lived to nearly 18. He wasn’t the most handsome Scottie, but Max was a such a good boy and cherished friend. I still miss him 20 years later.

  33. I have a female and male Scottie, love them to death, they make me smile and laugh every day. Yes, my female has had 2 litters here in BC, and yes I have sold the for 1000.00. My adults have been DNA tested,as have their blood lines. I quarentee their health for one year, make sure the pregnancy is monitored every 2 weeks, ultra sound is done, for puppy count, blood work done 3 times during pregnancy, to make sure mom is fine and healthy. The pups stay with mom for 12 weeks, are trained , are well socialized, have their shots, vet checked, and ready for their new moms. Yes, it seems like a lot of money, but it costs a lot for a litter of pups in Canada. The cost are much lower in the states.
    I have since had my male fixed, so if any one knows of a stud out their for next year ,on the west coast, send me an email. I would have to meet the owners, and the dog first, also, have the medical history of the blood line.

  34. Here in Norway they go for 12,000 NOK – thats about $2000 Canadian! Only about 4 breeders in the whole of Norway so that accounts for the price. But they are worth it :)

  35. I paid $2,000 for my male puppy from a well-regarded breeder and champion lines in the summer 2012. I’m fairly certain that the New England STCNE breeders collaboratively set prices. They’re all at $2K; more if you want to put males out to stud or breed females.

  36. We’re living in Europe and paid $1,800 for our male puppy from an established breeder with lineage of champions. That being said, we also paid for the breeder’s plane ticket, hotel stay, meals and all incurred expenses when he delivered the puppy to our home. It was all worth it for a wonderful dog!!!

  37. We paid $2000USD for our 12 week old pup from a breeder the next town over.
    Brindle and show grade looks but not the right temperament for the ring. Too timid, which made him perfect for us. Our breeder took care of all preliminary vaccinations and had had the lines tested for genetic issues before and afterwards for the pup. Great support and taught my wife how to trim him with a proper Scottie cut.
    The breeder was a former president of the NYSTC and had been breeding champions for many years, which showed in the pups.

    Seemed like a lot of money at the time but worth every penny in peace-of-mind.

  38. So has anybody bought one from ireland? And why are they all so expensive even if they’re just pets, not for shows?

    1. Selling dogs is like selling anything else in a capitalistic economy. The price is what the market will bear. If there are lots of pure bred dogs available, then the price will be lower. If there are less or those that are available are show dog quality, the price will be higher.

      Ireland has very few laws regulating dog farms and so have some of the worst living conditions for the breeding dogs. If you buy any dog, you should investigate the breeder first to make sure that the breeding dogs are not being abused or neglected.

  39. I paid $60 for a Scottie that was turned in as a stray to the Riverside Animal Control in southern CA around 1993. I paid $50 for a wheaton at the San Antonio Animal Control in 2011, also a stray. Obviously, the best prices are to be had when you can get one through your local dog pound. Rescue Societies prices are generally lower than breeders.

  40. Here is the information for Tamara to contact Scottish Terrier Rescue:

    Rescue Coordinators, Scottish Terrier Club of America
    Erica Cerny, Phone: (973)361-6790
    New Jersey
    Jeanne Lishia, Phone: (301) 807-3248

    They will help you.

  41. I just miss my Scottie. He passed away last Oct of bone cancer. I live in MN and would like another. Scotties are the best dogs.

  42. Our almost 8 year old Scottie, Zoe, is the love of our lives, our peace and our sanity. There hasn’t been a moment that we have ever regretted adding her to our family. She is still like a puppy and loves to play fetch. She’s soooo sweet, soooo funny and soooo sensitive. So glad I found this site. :)

  43. We paid $2000 from a reputable NH Scottish terrier breeder. We have a terrific red wheaten scottie with such a nice demeanor. Love this breed !

    1. We also have a wheaten colored Scottie we got from a Rhode Island breeder. He was a year and a half old return that we adopted. He’s now ten years old. He is our fifth Scottie over a forty-four year period. We live in NH and I would be interested in the breed you bought from. Thank you.

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