Iowa Relief Auction for Evacuated Animals

On top of everything else, the floods that cause $1 billion worth of damage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa completely destroyed the city’s animal shelter. Writes Brooke, who has organized an auction to help raise funds:

There are several hundred dogs, even more cats, and other companion animals being housed in temporary evacuation shelters in Cedar Rapids. Many, many more animals are still stranded in the tens of thousands of abandoned homes.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News checked out the links for donations. They go through a local community college and are legitimate. As for the auction itself, the site doesn’t appear to be fully functional yet so you may prefer to go the simpler route even if it means passing up this wonderful felted Scottish Terrier donated by Kay’s K9s. Always do due diligence, before sending off money no matter how good the cause.

Update: An Iowa reader of the Scottie News e-mailed us some more info:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is housing their furry flood victims at Kirkwood Community College; Iowa City, Iowa is housing their charges at the Johnson County Fairgrounds south of Iowa City. Both cities and surrounding communities have done an excellent job of pulling emergency needs out of our river soaked hats to shelter, feed, and protect our animal evacuees. We’ve also started to see corporate response to physical needs coming our way (kennels, out door enclosures, leashes and harnesses, etc) At this point they do need funding for the medicinal expenditures.

I am including links to some of our local organizations that have info and the reputations to assure the donations go where they are promised.

Iowa City’s Friends of the Animal Center Foundation has been a leader in raising donations for IC’s shelter through awareness generating events within the community :

And Cedar Rapids has multiple community shelters — but the main resource for flood related rescue and housing can be found here.