Carnegie Mellon’s Mascot Scottie Dog Hits Campus

Donated to CMU by Bill Cosby, Maggie, the Scottish Terrier puppy, takes on her official mascot duties in the autumn. Read this exclusive Scottie News report!
Maggie arived in Steeltown just before her eight-month birthday. She’s a fine-looking lass.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has learned that when Bill Cosby first donated Maggie the Scottie puppy to the university to celebrate the fact that CMU had finally named the Scottish Terrier its official mascot — making an honest dog of it after all those years of an inoffical relationship — the powers that be had no idea what to do with her. Yes, despite all those PhDs and steel magnate multi-millions, they had to strike a committee, which deliberated for six weeks, until someone suggested that civil engineering professor and Scottie owner Larry Cartwright might be able to help out.

After all, Larry had come to the rescue at the 2007 commencement when the guest speaker, Bill Cosby, mused at the last minute that he’d like to make his entrance with a Scottish Terrier. Larry’s dog Murray (aged 8-1/2) was quickly seconded for commencement duty and given the honour of appearing with Cosby, a well-known terrier lover who breeds and shows Lakelands and Dandy Dinmonts.

Unfortunately, neither Larry nor his other Scottie, Chase who is Murray’s 6-1/2 year old son got to meet Cosby, a weird twist of fate given that a year later, these three guys are generously opening their home to Maggie, the girl borne of Cosby’s visit.

Before flying into Pittsburgh with her breeder Sheila Scott, Maggie spent the first seven months of her life at Stalwart Kennels in Calgary. Because she was being sent off to an unusual life, special efforts were made to socialize her. Sheila even tried to get a bagpiper to pay personal visits so that Maggie could get used to the noise music, but when no piper was available, Sheila settled for playing lots of recorded bagpipe music.

Maggie’s breeder also worked to build the dog’s self esteem. She told the pup, “You’re the best thing on four paws. You’re going to have the most incredible life, little dog.”

She wasn’t kidding. Upon arrival at CMU, both Maggie and Sheila were treated like royalty. “I had no idea one little puppy could garnish so much love and attention,” Sheila said. She was also thrilled to see that Maggie was going to “a really good home and wouldn’t just be shoved from pillar to post” not to mention that the campus where she’ll reign is “incredible.”

Larry, who’s had Scotties since 1978, is trying to get his two senior dogs, who he describes as “grumpy old men,” used to the fact that Maggie’s the new queen. When he spoke to the Scottie News, he was even wondering whether he would have to get her stripped instead of clipped since that’s the practice for show terriers.

Well, we are happy to be able to put his mind at ease. Sheila doesn’t think Maggie needs to be stripped if it’s it too much of a hassle. After all, her schedule’s going to be hectic enough once she takes on her official duties of attending football games and designated special events at the start of the next academic year.

And what about her name, you ask. Didn’t yet another campus brains trust decide she should be called Scottie? Yes, says Larry, but it’s not uncommon for mascot dogs to have a mascot name and then a regular everyday name. So here’s to to Maggie, Queen of Scots.

The Scottie News would like celebrate all these good tidings by raising a glass of single malt scotch to Sheila for raising such a fine young Scottish Terrier and to Larry for adopting the mascot and giving her a great home. Cheers everyone.

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  1. What a beautiful little girl Maggie is!! and I love the title, “Maggie Queen of Scots”! It suits her.

  2. Just wanted to say that she is a lovely, little lassie! I love Scottish Terriers, and they have been part of my life since 1995! Thanks for writing this article that I just happened to find as I was looking for the college that had a Scottie as a mascot.

    Your Scottie is also beautiful.

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