New Yorker errs; says Koons’ ‘Puppy’ is a Scottie

Were all those much vaunted New Yorker fact-checkers taking a nap or something? Or maybe they just don’t bother with dogs? How else to explain these recent musings of art critic Peter Schjeldahl on the Jeff Koons retrospective at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art:

I remember my first encounter, in Germany, in 1992, with Koons’s famous “Puppy,” the forty-three-foot-high Scottie dog enveloped in living flowers. As I was judiciously taking descriptive and analytical notes, a bus arrived bearing a group of severely disabled children in wheelchairs. They went wild with delight. Abruptly feeling absurd, I shut my notebook and took instruction from the kids’ unequivocal verdict.

As the number one source of information on famous Scottish Terriers, the Scottie News would love to be able to claim Jeff Koons’ “Puppy” as one of our own, but alas, a good researcher must check out the full frontal view along with the profile.

And that, dear readers, is definitely a West Highland Terrier. Or maybe we should say it’s definitely a Westie when it’s been properly pruned. When those flowers get bushy, why it could even be a ChowChow or, of all things, a cat.

5 thoughts on “New Yorker errs; says Koons’ ‘Puppy’ is a Scottie

  1. It could be a Cairn. I have one in addition to my Scottie. Of course since the Westies came from the Cairns the color is the main difference.

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