No Scottish Terrier News is good news

The Scottie Dog News is happy that we can spend our Friday publishing cute puppy photos because if we were the Yorkshire Terrier and Dog News, there would be no place for puppies today.

Yes, the Yorkshire Terrier Curse just won’t go away, as the most recent bad Yorkie news demonstrates:

A one-year-old Yorkshire terrier was among the many things stolen after three units at the Bluffs Apartments in Dallas were burglarized, NBC 5 reported.

New York police doubt the story of a woman who says her boyfriend was walking her Yorkshire Terrier, Lucy, around 2 a.m. when he was mugged, knocked unconscious and had his wallet stolen. She says the attacker kidnapped the 2-and-half-year-old Yorkie.

Six months ago, Newton was rescued from a small dog breeding operation in Ohio. Now, the two-year-old Yorkshire terrier needs to be rescued again. Newton ran off last Saturday night while his owner was housesitting for a friend. Residents of Flamborough, Ontario have reported sighting him a couple of times since but no one’s caught up to him.

Gidget the Yorkshire Terrier has been forced into the high-stakes Sex trade.

And you thought Scotties were difficult!