No Scottish Terriers spotted in surfing dog video

This video is from last summer’s Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition. This year’s version, which was held over the weekend, attracted some 60 pooches to Imperial Beach, California. The Scottish Terrier and Dog News didn’t spot any Scotties in the crowd, which may be a good thing considering their swimming abilities or lack thereof.

It’s also interesting that while some of these cool surfer dude dogs wear sunglasses and the latest beach fashions, other sport dog life jackets.

“The best thing about this event is that no particular breed seems to do better than others,” Anne Stephany, a spokeswoman for the resort, told the San Diego Union-Tribune. I’ve seen poodles, a bulldog, (a) Chihuahua. As long as your dog loves the water, they’re a great candidate for this sport.”

One thought on “No Scottish Terriers spotted in surfing dog video

  1. I know Part-Ex, the Jack Russell Terrier in the Guinness World Record for being the most athletic dog, is always wearing a life jacket when I see him in pics or on TV. His owner figures it’s in case he tires out. Forewarned is forearmed, I think.

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