Oh Dear! Scottie Dog gets bad "summer haircut"

A Scottish Terrier owner writes to dog grooming expert Penny DiLoreto:

I recently took my scottie into the groomers and asked for a “summer cut” not fully realizing what I had asked for, I guess. When I picked her up, they had cut her skirt to about 3/4″ and trimmed her legs short as well. Can you describe the “Summer Cut” on a scottie dog? I called the groomer and she said that’s what she does for a summer cut. I just want to make sure that if I take her to a groomer again and ask for a summer cut I know exactly what I’m suppose to get.

Well, according to Penny, this is the time of year when she gets “a lot of grooming disaster e-mails” because the term, “Summer Cut” can mean a whole lot of different things to different groomers, dog owners and breeds.

So, as if heartworm, Lyme disease and West Nile weren’t bad enough, now there’s yet another summer terror — the bad Scottish Terrier haircut.

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One thought on “Oh Dear! Scottie Dog gets bad "summer haircut"

  1. I found out the hard way that not all groomers know how to cut the different breeds. When I went to get my scottie Bogie, because she called me and said she couldn’t handle him…it was a first time visit for this particular groomer…I couldn’t believe my eyes…she cut his eyebrows off, and made a big circle on his rear. Whaaaat? I had even given him a tranq1uilizer, as he haaaates to be groomed. It stresses both Bogie and myself out…anyway, I took him back to his old groomer…and she charges me a mint to groom him, but at least she can handle him, and he looks beautiful when done…This little guy is a wonderful pet, but for some reason…he hates the grooming. Anyone else’s dog like this? And what are you paying for the Scottie grooming?

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