Photos! Tatum O’Neal and Scottish Terrier, Lena

Here is Tatum O’Neal with Lena, the Scottie dog whose death drove the former child star to seek out drugs and land in jail. The photos were taken in 2006 and you can see the fullsize versions here. (Sorry, no longer available)

Can I just add that it’s interesting to see that Tatum O’Neal doesn’t have those whiter than white teeth that all stars these days seem to flash.

In any case, all things considered, they both look pretty good — Tatum in spite of the years of substance abuse and Lena for a 14-year-old Scottish Terrier.

2 thoughts on “Photos! Tatum O’Neal and Scottish Terrier, Lena

  1. I can see how losing your scottie would make you want to take drugs to feel better. It’s pretty, terribly awful.

  2. Who is that barking bitch? I mean the dog. Easy joke. Bit sexist, but hey we have to make jokes. No offence meant. McEnroe is hero of mine, but I think she him a bit mad in his later years on the tennis court. Not that it is is always the womens fault.

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