Pittsburgh Scottish Terrier puppies grow up

Adorable Scottish Terrier puppy

Come play with me, originally uploaded by victornado.

By special request, here’s a picture of one of the Pittsburgh Scottie puppies, taken almost two weeks ago when Resl was seven weeks old.


For more on Scottish Terrier puppies including how much they cost, how to avoid puppy mills, and how to train them, visit the puppy archives of the the Scottish Terrier News.

If you need to shop for your puppy, the Scottie News recommends this crate, a Burberry plaid collar and anything by that, hottie also known as the Dog Whisperer.

9 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Scottish Terrier puppies grow up

  1. Thank you for the picture of the Pittsburgh Scottie puppies. My 18 month old Scottish Terrier and I live in Pittsburgh and Cleveland and we have become big fans of these puppies. It’s almost like “Jon and Kate plus 8”! HAA

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  3. Absolutely gorgeous puppy pic….reminds me of when I got my Scottie…..she will turn 9 on December 10th doesn’t seem that long ago ……………….beautiful

  4. Revisiting some of my favorites today and… yep … this is the best Scottie puppy picture ever… out side of my guys, of course.

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