Scottish Terrier News Weekend Photo Op. II

Rasmus in the Bicyclebasket, originally uploaded by Lars Odemark.

What would the Scottie News do without Lars Odemark and his great Scottish Terrier photos. This is the second of his shadow shots that we’ve shown and then, of course, he also took the picture that served as the basis of our photo caption contest.

And not only is the Scottie News impressed with the photography, we’re equally awed by Rasmus for staying put in his bike basket. Let’s just say that the first time I tried to put Bridget in my bike basket was also the last time.

There is just one small thing, though. Please tell us that the cyclist isn’t wearing socks and sandals.

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5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier News Weekend Photo Op. II

  1. I love his photos! They are truly unique. As for the socks and sandals, definitely socks but hard to tell about the sandals. I’m thinking (hoping) they are black tennis shoes.

  2. Rasmus loved to sit there from the first time. It was only 1 week after he moved in and he was only 11 weeks old. Now he is 3 years and stands in the front like a figure-head on a boat!
    And it is socks in sandals. Highest fashion in Sweden!
    /Lars, Rasmus master.

  3. Lars,Lars, Lars, please stop this socks and sandals stuff. What is it with you Scandinavian men? What on earth is the point of sandals if you’re going to wear socks?

    You have great taste in dogs and photos. Now, please, use that taste to do something about the Nordic mandal situation.

    Bare toes, guys, go for it!!!!

  4. Okey, okey! I promise never to wear sock and sandals again (if the temerature isn´t below 25 deg. Celsius).

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