Scottish Terrier owner lobbies for free poop bags

We didn’t plan it this way but it seems like this has turned into dog poop week at the Scottie News. Yesterday, we brought you up to date on special poop carriers that will take the doody out of your hands, and today we head over to the UK to cover a pensioner’s campaign for free poop bags.

Pensioner Maureen Reidy has two Scottish Terrier dogs and previously used doggy bags issued by Dacorum Borough Council to clean up their waste.

However, these were controversially scrapped earlier this year under funding cuts and Mrs Reidy, of Market Oak Lane, Hemel Hempstead, says normal carrier bags are not up to the job.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News recommends PoopEase biodegradable poop bags for your poop pickup needs.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier owner lobbies for free poop bags

  1. We use the bags that the newspapers are delivered in. They are perfect for scooping poop. All our friends and relatives save their bags for us too.

  2. Newspaper bags are good in that they seldom have holes, unlike grocery bags, which are always getting torn by milk carton corners. And then you only realize there’s a hole when it’s too late…

    But we only get newspaper bags when it rains, and I find them a bit long and skinny. YOu have to develop the right technique or else things can get messy. And it’s a technique that’s easy to forget if you get out of practice.

    Sure PoopEase costs money, but there are no holes and no need for training.

    And no, I don’t own shares in the manufacturer.

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