Scottish Terriers act as wedding flower puppies

June is wedding month so, quick, before it ends the Scottie News is publishing these photos of a marriage where two Scottie dogs paticipated in the ceremony. The mother of the beautiful bride writes:

Abby, the larger of the 2, is 6 years old and my Scottie. Diamond, the scottie with red booties, is the bride and groom’s Scottie. She was a birthday gift to the bride, Kayla, last summer. Diamond was a rescue from the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Louisville (KY). She was a puppy mill mommy and turned in to the Humane Society. She has bad grass allergies, which is why she wears booties. A family friend was the “dog escort.” The flower puppies did a wonderful job, with the only surprise being Abby slipping out of her collar and running up to the alter and going belly up for a tummy rub from the minister. Rachel the escort got her back on the leash and walked them back out. Both Kayla and Matt are Scottie lovers and wanted them as part of their special day.

Congratulations to Kayla and Matt from the Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

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9 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers act as wedding flower puppies

  1. Oh, how adorable!

    Now, inquiring minds need to know, did Abby get her tummy rub from the minister? LOL!

    The cake topper is marvelous – it’s a set of salt shakers you can order from pugcafe on eBay.

    I know…because I have a pair!
    Their noses are magnetic so they stick together. It is the cutest thing….

  2. In the first picture where the dogs are on the sofa next to the bride, you can barely see what I think is a red bootie on one of the dogs.

  3. Yes! Abby got her tummy rub!!
    Diamond is sitting next to her “Mom” on the sofa. She did not wear the booties for the wedding.
    The couple is very happy!

  4. I just loved these pictures! I wish we could see more actually. They are so so adorable and they always seem sort of formal and “regal” to me so they fit right into the formal wedding wonderful. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing those adorable pictures! It appears as though Diamond is one very lucky Scottie!

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