Video: Scottish Terriers play water ball

Mitch and Murray, two Scottie dogs, improvise a kind of “bobbing for apples” game. It’s a Scottish Terrier video double bill designed to help you start the week off all refreshed and cool.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Scottish Terriers play water ball

  1. While I loved watching the two Scotties play water ball, the little Stella in need of adoption, I don’t believe is a
    Scottie… legs too long, gait is different, as is body. I think that Stella is a Cairn or Cairn cross..

  2. We have Murry and McTavish, brothers, and love watching them in their pool. How fortunate all Scotty owners are. They can be so much fun and ours are so loving!
    Hope you are having a good weekend with your Scotties.
    Nancy from San Diego

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