The Yorkshire Terrier Curse (Updated Daily)

Bad things happen to good Yorkies

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News is committed to providing you with at least one Scottie headline every weekday. But it’s not always easy and, on days when the Scottish Terrier pickings are scarce and the editor is scrolling desperately through dog stories from around the world, she thinks about how much less difficult her job would be if she were looking for news about Yorkshire Terriers.

Yorkies, you see, are constantly getting stolen, kidnapped, mauled by pitbulls, dragged into political bribery cases and worse. As the second most popular dog in the United States, it’s not surprising that the Yorkie is victimized in far greater numbers than the Scottie simply because there are almost 10 time more of them. Nor is it hard to see why Yorkies would be stolen more often that their number one rival the lab. Clearly, when it comes to dog crime, size matters and the newfound popularity of small dogs is likely part of the overall uptick in pet crime.

But crimes against Yorkies also vastly outnumber crimes against Dachshunds, another small and popular breed, followed closely by the Scottie News‘ sister site, the Daily Dachshund and Dog News. What’s more, wiener dog criminal activity is, for the most part, far more mundane than the heinous activities involving Yorkies. Yes, like Yorkshire terriers, Dachshunds get lifted from pet stores, but so far, to the best of our knowledge, thieves haven’t yet staged a home invasion to secure a litter of Doxie pups.

This criminal creativity likely reflects on the fact that Yorkies are more costly than Doxies, pushing petty criminalsto be more original in their quest for a bigger payoff. But, there does also seem to be something about the kind of people who own Yorkshire Terriers — take the case of the teenage girl who allegedly poisoned and killed the family Yorkshire Terrier after an argument with her parents over bad grades. Or the notorious incident involving former Chelsea football club manager, Jose Mourinho, who was arrested after trying to stop British authorities from confiscatiing and quarantining his Yorkshire Terrier for not having the right vaccinations and papers.

Why, even when Yorkies are the victims — not of humans, but other animals — the crimes seem more daring. Yes both Scotties and Dachshunds have been killed by coyotes, but the report of the Yorkie, who was seized from its patio in posh Scotsdale, Arizona, and killed in front of its owners, ranks the most gruesome of the dog deaths by coyote this year.

Nor did the Yorkshire Terrier crime wave let up for Mother’s Day when an eight-year-old California boy was pushed to the ground and had his Yorkie “Joci” snatched away. Happily , the dog was returned a few days later, after being given as a present to the suspect’s girlfriend, which is, apparently a common fate for dognapped pups. But he’d been given a haircut, presumably as an attempted disguise.

And speaking of Yorkie haircuts, that bring us to the news report (no longer available) about the Chicago-area Yorkshire Terrier who escaped from its groomer. The groomer chased the dog on foot and in the car but failed to apprehend it. At last report it was still lost, which sounds a lot worse than the grooming accidents routinely befalling Scotties.

While it’s true that the Yorkshire Terrier who was launched in the air by its nurse owner survived in spite of injuries, unlike the Scottish Terrier so cruelly tossed off a balcony to its death by its elderly owner’s employees, this poor Scottie was the sad exception that proved the rule of the Yorkshire Terrier curse.

Frankly, if the Scottish Terrier and Dog News had to report such vicious crimes regularly we’d probably just close down. Even when the sad Yorkie tales — like the one about the blind, diabetic Yorkshire Terrier who fell down the manhole — ultimately redeem our faith in humanity, well, they’re still a nasty reminder that bad shit, or raw sewage in this case, happens to good dog owners and their much loved dogs.

June 10 Update:The Daily Sentinel of Nacogdoches, Texas reports the burglary of a habitation, 3040 block of FM 2259. “A woman said a cash box and her Yorkie dog was (sic) taken from her home.”

June 11 Update: The mummified body of Jasper, a Yorkshire Terrier who went missing in 1975, is discovered in the crawlspace of a house in Southern Illinois. It’s a death worthy of a serial killer.

June 12 Update:
Yoshi, a 12-year-old Yorkie, was adopted from a shelter and then returned. Her first adoptive family returned her to the Animal Defense League, saying they didn’t want her anymore because she’d gone blind.

June 13 Update: In Brooklyn, the Devastated Bensonhurst owner of slain Yorkshire terrier demands answers while, in Maine, “A pit bull/mastiff mixed breed went berserk at the Dog and Pony Tavern early Thursday morning, attacking and killing a Yorkshire terrier that was sitting on its owner’s lap.”

June 15 Update: A technician found a dog left at the front gate of the Human Society Naples. The four-pound Yorkshire terrier was close to death. His hair was almost gone. He had ear and eye infections, a serious flea infestation and a racking cough. The dog was missing all his teeth. If that wasn’t enough, he had a tapeworm and pancreatitis. But in spite of all that, the little Yorkie was still alive.

June 16 Update: A Morkie is a cross between a Yorkie and a Maltese. This one in particular was doomed to most certain death when the breeder’s various compatriots said he’d ruin his reputation if people knew he was breeding one-eyed puppies. I’m not sure how my family found out about the vision-impaired pooch but leave it to them (well, us…I’d have done the same if I was in the market for a dog) to bring her home and love her to death. My sister had all sorts of signs that pointed to GET THE ONE EYED DOG which I won’t go into here, but trust me, you’d have gone to get the one-eyed Morkie, too.

June 17 Update: A woman has had her dog stolen in broad daylight by three men who broke her ankle and filmed the attack on a mobile phone. The incident happened in High Wycombe, England as she walked Angel, her daughter’s long haired Yorkshire terrier, along the link road between Rutland Avenue and Chiltern Avenue in Castlefield.

Meanwhile in Michigan, authorities are looking for information about a woman who police say racked up more than $21,238 on three stolen credit cards within four hours in Lansing, Schererville and Dolton. The first thing she bought was a Yorkshire terrier and take-home pet kit with a cage for $2,160 at Petland in Lansing

June 19 Update: After her Yorkie became ill and spent a couple of days at the vet´s office, the owner looked at her Eukanuba canned food and realized it had expired 3 years ago. When she checked the cupboard she discovered several other cans of dog food – all recently purchased at PetCo – had expiration dates from 2004.

June 20 Update:
A 1-year-old Yorkshire terrier was among the many things stolen after three units at the Bluffs Apartments in Dallas were burglarized Wednesday, NBC 5 reported.

New York police doubt the story of a woman who says her boyfriend was walking her Yorkshire Terrier, Lucy, around 2 a.m. when he was mugged, knocked unconscious and had his wallet stolen. She says the attacker kidnapped the 2-and-half-year-old Yorkie.

Six months ago, Newton was rescued from a small dog breeding operation in Ohio. Now, the two-year-old Yorkshire terrier needs to be rescued again. Newton ran off last Saturday night while his owner was housesitting for a friend. Residents of Flamborough, Ontario have reported seeing hima couple of times since but no one’s caught up to him.

And, finally for today, Gidget the Yorkshire Terrier is forced into the sex trade.

June 21 Update: Two more Yorkies are stolen — one, from a home in Florida, and one, from a car in California. As well, an old Yorkshire Terrier scam keeps on keeping on.

June 22 Update:
On Memorial Day, Nancy Duncan and her 7-year-old great-granddaughter took their Yorkie, Daisy, over to visit their neighbor. They expected to paint Daisy’s nails; instead, the neighbor’s two pit bulls attacked and killed the little dog. Police were called to the incident, but officers told the Duncans nothing could be done because the attack occurred at the neighbor’s residence.

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