Scottish Terrier would make great door stop

Tippy is one of the Pittsburgh puppies and he’s now 14 weeks old. His owner writes on Flickr that he “has taken to sitting on his bum for extended periods of time. Often he rests his paw on the side of his pen but can easily sit without the brace.”

And speaking of Scottie puppies, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has recently created a puppy category complete with all sorts of very cute photos and video.

For more Scottish Terrier and Scottie Dog videos, click on the video label directly below.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier would make great door stop

  1. Oh my goodness how cute!!!! I think he was mis-named. Tippy is defintely what he’s not! What a sweet puppy…I’d be picking him up all the time for cuddles.

  2. Is it me, or do Scotties seem to like sitting up like that? I know mine loves to sit like that and watch TV. He also loves running and jumping on his hind legs.

    Definitely a cutie!!

  3. The Pittsburgh Scottish Terriers are a group of Steeltown puppies whose owner posts great photos on Flickr. For that reason, the Scottie News has followed them from shortly after their birth until right now.

    And, yes indeed, they are cuties.

    Scottie News also has a large reader base in Pittsburgh who contribute regularly for which we are exceedingly grateful.

    Not to mention that Pittsburgh is also home to Carnegie Mellon which recently named a Scottie its official mascot.

    So, all in all, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has a pretty strong Pittsburgh connection.

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