Buy a cute Scotty RV trailer and hit the road

Even though the Scottish Terrier and Dog News had never heard of it until today, it seems that the Serro Scotty trailer was once an iconic brand. The company started up in 1956 and went out of business in 1997 after a devastating factory fire.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that today’s re-emergence of the brand is good news for those with nostalgic connections or a desire for a small cute trailer. Serro Scotty Worldwide Ltd. is the work of company president Bill Kerola, who licensed the Scotty name and visuals, including the well-known Scotty dog graphic, from the grandson of John Serro, the brand’s originator.

One thought on “Buy a cute Scotty RV trailer and hit the road

  1. We have a trailer in a privately-owned campground that we travel to on the weekends. There are quite a few Scotty trailers there and, yes, they have a Scottie dog prominently displayed on the back.

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