Did Hitler have a Scottish Terrier? Part II

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News is on the record as saying we do not believe there’s any proof whatsoever that Hitler had a Scottish Terrier. Today, however, we received an e-mail from an anonymous source that said:

Hitler did have a Scottie. The existence of Burli and his relationship to der Fuhrer are explained in diaries of a secretary, and Goebbels. The explanations are summarized by David Irving, Hitler’s War (Viking Press, 1977) at pp. 374-5.

“’There is also a Scotch terrier, but he is not all that popular as he is obstinate and capricious (besides which the Chief says he looks like a scrub brush and he’d never let himself be photographed with it…’ Goebbels found the terrier still being given the run of Hitler’s bunker at the end of March. ‘At present there is no creature closer to him,’ observed the propaganda minister.”

Two points:

  1. Holocaust deniers like Irving have a major credibility problem with me — even when they’re dealing with Scottish Terriers.
  2. What’s not to say that the dog in question wasn’t one of Eva Braun’s Scotties?

And, finally, where is that picture of Blondi and her pups that the commenters on the original post keep referring to?