David vs. Goliath or Scottie vs. Husky

It was Husky and Akita day at the dog park this morning. And Bridget the Scottish Terrier had to deal with one of those big philosophical questions of canine life, namely what’s a Scottie to do when a big Husky wants your ball?

Alas, the Scottie News has no photos of the ending. We’ll leave you guessing.

5 thoughts on “David vs. Goliath or Scottie vs. Husky

  1. I once took Abby to a dog park and she would only go on the “big dog” side. She saw the very large water bowl and thought it was a pool and got in! All the Shepard’s and St Bernard just stood there looking at her. There “moms and dads” laughed at her. She look at everyone like what’s the problem?

  2. Unmythically, the husky took the ball away and Bridget the Scottie wisely decided not to pick that particular battle.

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